Chained to Love


She felt hurt, broken – as if the mirror that carried her reflection had fallen, scattering into a thousand pieces.

It was the first time she felt truly crushed – as if the ‘others’ didn’t do their jobs to prepare her for the ache her heart feels.

How could one become so vulnerable at someone else’s indiscretion. It’s crazy.

She’s seen many fall into the depths of love, tried to empathize, but never truly grasp how one who possessed tremendous confidence and intellect could become chained to love. It never made sense.

However now, the wall that parted their world is slowly collapsing.

The fragments of its paint covered bricks are falling with a hostile air to them.

Her heart keeps pounding though her head advises it otherwise.

She’s sleepless though she needs to rest the very mind that troubles her.

Her thoughts keeps going rampant. She’s excited yet scared for the disappointment that awaits.

She secretly tries to bundle the words she wants to say even though she knows that she’ll eventually settle for something plain – boring

Why? because she’d rather play it safe. She always does.

She knows tomorrow will hold other battles which will require her notice.

So, she digresses her thought towards something else and prays a thousand times for strength because she needs it so as not to fall apart.

She prays, she prays.

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