Secret Life of Pets: Snowball My Heart

by Devina

Let’s start with your pets. Do you have any? And if you do, how’s your baby like?

Do you want to know what goes on your baby’s head? What your turtle Aquaman does when you’re not around? How about your puppy Charles the Great? What is he doing when you’re at work?

This is the movie to watch if you have those questions running on your mind.

Not fully accurate, obviously, since these pets have crazy adventures together, and I can already imagine my future pug to just be on his bed all day long. Probably he just gets up for food or number two. secret life of pets

So we meet Max. Max is really happy with Katie, his owner, and he loves her so much. One day, however, Katie brings home another dog, Duke, and tells Max that they’ll be brothers. Unhappy with a roommate, Max wants to show Duke who the real deal is.

However, their little fight leads to a series of unfortunate events and introduces us the audience to the cutest, fluffiest, most evil little bunny ever. SNOWBALL. The moment I heard his voice, I knew it was Kevin Hart. I mean, who else?

snowball and max

Ladies and gentlemen, Snowball stole my heart. And he can do whatever he wants with it. Seriously.

Okay, back to the story. Max and Duke are lost after their fight and find themselves trapped with Snowball’s gang. Snowball is about to have Max killed when he realizes that Max is not worthy of being a part of his crew. However, Max and Duke escape, and Max’s friends are out looking for them.

So will Max and Duke find their way home? Will they find their friends? Or will Snowball find them first and kill them?

max and dukeSince this is a family movie, I am sure you know how it ends. I mean, this isn’t some Inception copy.

I think everyone can appreciate this movie. Children and adults will love it.

This movie is solid gold. Because I love cute animals, obviously, and because the story is simple. It isn’t complicated and insane with some unexpected twists. It’s just a simple story told about two dogs who want to find their way home.

I give this movie an 8/10. It’s entertaining, it’s fresh, and it’s definitely re-watchable.






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