Digimon Adventure Tri: Ultimate Makeover

I saw Digimon Adventure Tri – the first one, I’m assuming, and it was interesting.

I used to watch Digimon when I was a kid, but then I wasn’t that into it. Not that it wasn’t fun or anything, but there were so many shows back in those days that I got distracted. I was a kid with agenda, y’all, I had activities. And in my defense, I didn’t have that much fun when I was a kid.

So we started with few years after the Digimon had said goodbye to the kids, and the kids are grown up – well, they’re in high school. So that’s grown up enough.

Sadly, these kids don’t know what to do with their lives. Taichi, for instance, has no idea what he wants to do in the future. Without Digimon, this kid is an empty shell.

It’s also depressing that his friends already have their things, and that it’s almost impossible to get together for a mini gathering.

However, a Kuwagamon makes an appearance and it’s up to Taichi and his friends to stop his group. And they have to go back to saving the world.

Firstly. How in the world? In Pokemon, evolution makes sense. Pikachu to Raichu. Basically, a fatter, older looking Pikachu takes over. Evolution makes sense.

But in Digimon world? Oh hell I can’t keep up. It’s like an ultimate makeover party.

Patamon looks like a potato blob. And he turns into Angemon? Angemon is like this 7 ft tall angel with abs and muscles.

So how does a blob turn into abs? Beauty industry needs to learn from Digimon, I swear. How does that yellow blob turn into that angel? How? That’s insane.

Okay, so this movie gets a 7/10 from me. I love and adore anime; however, the tone and setting in this movie are just too dark. At times, it just gets really dramatic, and it’s unnecessary. There are a lot of potentials, which aren’t met yet, especially since we have crazy technology and movie making should be much simpler (still complicated as hell) for artists – so to be honest, I am a bit disappointed.

But it’s nostalgic, and definitely takes you back to your childhood.


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