Warcraft: Beware the Green Eyes

by Devina

I’ve seen this movie three times. That’s how much I like it.

I did not read the reviews because I saw the low marks and heard from some people how the movie disappointed a lot of media. But I had seen the trailer and it won me over, so I wanted to see it.

So, welcome to the world of orcs, humans, wizards, and whatever else they got in store. They don’t exactly live harmoniously, so some arrangements have to be made. An evil orc warlock named Gul’dan is about to tear their world apart.

Durotan, the chieftain of Frostwolf clan, wants to save his people and teams up with a human military commander, Lothar, and together they save their world.

However, can they trust their warlock Medivh? Is there anything wrong with him and his green laser eyes? Is he corrupted?

The story is way too long and complicated for me to discuss, so I just hope that you have seen this movie. Or, you’re not interested in the synopsis and just want to know what I think about it.

Firstly, the CGI effects are not that bad. After awhile, you can adjust to this whole new world without rubbing your eyes, I know I did.

This movie is visually stunning. I truly appreciate beautifully illustrated film. The characters look alive, and I love that! I give it to the filmmakers to have set up such beautiful setting, creating such a great universe.

Let’s go to the characters. To be honest, some of the acting I could not find believable, but it was still good nonetheless. When a certain character witnesses the death of his loved one, I actually can feel the pain. And that is impressive. The protagonists nailed it, and even though I did not get that invested in them, I could believe them. And liked them.

Now, here’s the thing with a movie like Warcraft. It’s hard to please the crowd because it’s pure fantasy. It’s not even set up in our world. There are probably more orcs than men, and the CGI can get obvious at times.

But this is the kind of movie that people like me enjoy. This is the movie that takes you away from this world to another, introduces you to new creatures, and takes you on a ride. This isn’t the kind of movie you analyze, go over symbolism and dialogue over. This is a movie that entertains, and for me, it certainly does.

I give Warcraft a 7/10. If a movie of this genre is not your cup of tea, then don’t bother watching it and complaining later on about it.

One thought on “Warcraft: Beware the Green Eyes

  1. U’ll b pleased to know that a sequel will b made!
    Despite only recouping a quarter of its budget, it has been th most successful film in China this yr
    Bad news: it will b th 1st Hollywood movie made in Chinese!


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