Bad Moms: the Second Shift 

By Devina

The Second Shift, that was what I had on mind when I saw this movie. The second shift brought to you on screen.

We have Amy, a mother of two who loves her children very much. Her daughter is an ambitious kid dreaming of going to an Ivy League school someday, and her son relies on Amy to do his work and everything else he could have done himself. She’s also working, because the family still needs her to work.

During the day, Amy takes care of everything her children need and don’t even need, while making sure she goes to work and gets to everything and everyone on time.

One night, she catches her husband cheating on her, and it goes downhill from there. She kicks him out of the house. The family dog gets sick. Her boss is being an asshole. Her children are asking for a lot. And the PTA, PTA – is taking so much time and dedication.

So when the PTA president asks her to do something during a meeting one day, she immediately says no due to being tired of everything.

Then Amy with two other moms who have been outcast, form a team and decide to just be bad moms. They start going out, enjoying life, and Amy gets to romance a nice widower whose kid goes to the same school Amy’s kids do.

However, when her daughter is being sabotaged and bothered by PTA, Amy decides to run as president to change the rules.

Mila Kunis delivers. I love her performance in this movie. There are times when she says, “I love them sooo much” that I just go, “Aww…” because you know what, she actually reminds me of my mom when she talks about how much she loves her children.

I truly appreciate how the movie shows the frustration that Amy faces everyday due to being a working mother with children who still need her attention 24/7. Her husband does not do much, and demands understanding from the wife who manages everything in and out of the household. Sounds familiar?

The thing is, this can also be the case with working dads who take care of their children when the wives are just focusing on their careers. It’s for everyone who struggles in devoting her/his time and love to the little loved ones, while working to provide as well.

This movie addresses common social issues around us, and despite the comic relief every now and then, shows how serious these problems can be.

And to tell us that it is okay to look after ourselves, and to spend some time letting ourselves be happy as well.

‘Bad Moms’ gets a 7/10 from me. Will I watch it again? Yes. Do I recommend this to people? Yes, I do.


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