Mama’s Dress Made a Comeback 

By Devina

My mom’s dresses are in my closet. Seriously. Because I love old clothes, anything vintage, and I hate spending so much money on dresses I only wear once or twice.

So since my mom and I have similar sizes, those dresses that don’t fit her anymore go to my closet, and I love them.

I mean, I believe that secretly most girls wish to look like their mothers at some point. So this was like a little fairytale come true.

And of course, nothing is louder than shoulder pads!

So this beautiful red dress has a bow in the back, which I like so much.

I wore this to my highschool best friend’s wedding last weekend. And I have to say, it made me feel like I just stepped out from the 80s. Which is a great feeling. I mean, who doesn’t love the older fashion trends?

I haven’t found a good excuse to wear the other Maman dresses, but I hope I’ll get to them soon.

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