The Ultimate Classic Man

By Daniella D.

When I first saw this artist, I was taken by his style, classic. It wasn’t that I had not seen lots of men with this sort of professional look, but that, rarely did I see  men with such a style, especially in the hip pop community.


iNot that I know much about the hip pop or rap community, since I just go for the occasional song that rock my ears and makes me want to jump on a dance floor and shake it or perhaps nod my head continuously to the sound of a few musicians who are dope.

I literally am a floater between styles of music (from traditional all the way to modern society hit songs which plays so continuously on the radio that one is almost bound to develop a special interest in the rhythm – and not forgetting the different musical genres and styles produced by different countries, each with a touch of culture…somewhat).

The point is, I really love music despite not having a specific genre preference.

And from what I have seen in the music videos of most male hip pop artists, rarely did I find them with a classic look, at least not like Jidenna.

eThe second thing I noticed about this musician is the African material incorporated in his style. At first I thought he just loved using ‘wrapper’ materials to make him unique, not realizing that he in fact identifies himself as African, specifically Nigerian.

As a fellow African, I couldn’t help but want to know more about his musical style (if he did in
fact also incorporated some African style in mainstream hip pop).  The first music I tuned on was none other than “classic man” a song which does a good job of introducing him as an artist with an incredible fashion sense.

I have to say that song was chill.


I went on to familiarize myself with his other musics and I wasn’t disappointed. The music videos are smooth as well.

The one thing I love about this artist is that not only is he defying the norm, but he is also putting his personal touch and culture out there. And let’s not forget the tiny detail, his awesome collaboration with musical talent and cover girl representative, Janelle Monae, whose killer style (often in black, white, and red)  makes her unique, beautiful, and classic as well. Certainly the ultimate pair.


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