The Aztec Clay Face Mask Review

By Devina

My sister told that there’s a powerful face mask that she was going to try. And she was so excited about it. I never really liked facial treatment or masks, but I could tell she was pumped about this so I told her, “Oh, that sounds cool.”

“I need vinegar for this thing though,” she said, and I remember thinking, wow, how would that thing smell like?

Well, the moment my sister got it, she was smiling from ear to ear. It was cute, really, until I smelled it.

Now, for those of you who don’t know the recipe to this “most powerful face mask in the world” potion, here it is.

aztec clay

See that apple cider vinegar? Yeah, it’s there. The smell confirms it too. And the thing is, if I’m not mistaken, the vinegar is a necessary ingredient to this madness. For some unknown reason, water just won’t cut it.

Maybe water is odorless, thus, has no BAM effect to the users.

And perhaps, just perhaps, the smellier, the better. Like cheese.

So let me show you how this works in real life. My sister sent me these photos, because this mask is so powerful and important it has to be captured and immortalized.

Not sure how much to be exact of the clay powder you need, but I think it’s about a tablespoon?

Now remember, the instruction says that water is okay; however, we used vinegar. Because we put a lot of effort into this mask. By we I meant my sister.

Unfortunately, staring at it would not help mix it, so we have to stir and make sure that it’s creamy and smelly.


Here comes the hard part. Smear that on your face! In this case, this was my face. My poor, poor, now smelly face.

I told my sister to not stick any of that clay in my nose trills. Be it accidentally or intentionally, nobody shall ever stick some vinegar clay into my nose.

My face froze, I could not move a muscle, or it felt like it. I think I was pretending to be C3Po for however long that clay was on my face. At some point I was touching the mask and I told myself, “This is how the Thing feels like… No wonder he’s always bitter. The rest of the Fantastic Four were gorgeous.”

My sister reminded me half an hour later to wash my face with warm water.

After I did, I was surprised to see my face turning red, as if my skin was irritated. Well, it felt a little bit itchy, and I was a little bit worried. Before the mask was on my face, my face was fine. I never really had crazy skin problems before, other than my allergies.

After awhile, the redness and itchiness slowly went away. Thank God. Now, I am not sure how well that worked. I certainly have not seen any result, other than red skin and two upcoming zits. Then again, my period is around the corner, so those soon-to-be zits might just be welcoming that bloody time of the month.

Would I recommend this mask to anyone?

Well, to be honest, I don’t know. But considering how picky my sister is, and how she’s used it few times already by now, why not? This is all natural, and it’s pretty simple. You don’t have to blend anything or go to the salon for this. In the case of convenience, this is good.


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