BBG Week 1 Review

By Devina

I don’t know why I even thought of this. But after seeing a lot of posts on Instagram on #bbg I got curious. BBG stands for Bikini Body Guide, and it’s been a popular “cult” led by the one and only Kayla Itsines.

Big question is:

Does it really work?

So I told my sister who just started BBG about a week ago, that I’d do it with her.

I am going to record my progress or whatever that is I might suffer from.

How it works? One set of workout focuses on certain body parts. It lasts 7 minutes. And you got two sets to repeat twice. Thus, a day gives you 28 minutes of workout in total.

I thought, “How hard could that be?”

Day 1: Legs. Legs. LEGS!

Oh my ******************!!!!! I was crying, literally, when I was doing the exercise. My sister set the resting time between each set to be one minute and 15 seconds, and I asked, “How about an hour and fifteen minutes?” Obviously she said no. It was ridiculous how intense these lunges and squats and jumps are. I mean, how you girls do it I never know.

Day 2: Rest day.

In the morning I went, “Hah! I can still feel my legs. This is good, right? I’m stronger than I thought I was.” A couple of hours later, my legs refused to work with me. I hated the stairs. Or even the floor. Like, my legs were asking me, “YOU WANT US TO MOVE?” every time I got on my feet.

Day 3: Abs and arms.

In the world of tight shirts and body hugging dresses, this is very important. But when I was doing this set, I swore to be okay with blobs. Respect people with big tummy and thick arms! After awhile, my hands burned from push-ups and the last five minutes I just decided to go for full abs workout.

Day 4: Rest day

My abs, my pride. That’s the only part of my body that I love, so I did not have a problem with the abs workout. My arms, however, were dying. I could hear them, asking me to not move too much and to just stay still. Them and my legs. Basically, I felt limbless.


Thus, no workout on day 5. I usually would be crying when I got my period, but this day I rejoiced. No BBG. Phew. Of course, next week I have to do BBG again. There’s no excuse then.


Did I notice changes? I hate to say this but my packs are making a comeback and my arms look better. I don’t know if it’s placebo effect because heck I really want this to give me results. Because what’s the point of working out so hard if I got nothing?

So far, this week 1 has said that yes, this could be effective. However, from what I’ve seen, it takes at least 12 weeks to see some WOW results, so I still got 11 more weeks to go. And maybe make it 12 – 13, considering the days I’ll be skipping due to my period.

Also, I know, I know, I should be posting photos of improvements. Which, I will do every month. Like, week 4, 8, and 12.

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