Legend of Drunken Master (1994): Alcoholic Saves the World

by Devina

It was one of those weekends when I was stuck with my little cousin who’s obsessed with martial arts and had to put on whatever movie or video he requested.

He said, “Jackie Chan. Drunken Master.” And being the good host that I was, I had to give it to him.

It’s a tale about a martial artist who fights best when he’s drunk. His father has warned him about drunk fighting, and that he should not be drinking or fighting anymore.

Unfortunately, when on the way back home, Fei-hung (Chan) spotted a Manchurian officer steal a box from the train they were on, and decided to chase after the officer. As it turned out, due to boxes looking the same, the officer stole Fei-hung’s dad’s ginseng instead of a wanted artifact, and Fei-hung took an artifact instead of his father’s ginseng home.

This mistake led to Fei-hung being hunted down for the artifact. Will he get his father’s ginseng back? Can he win without drinking?

Jackie Chan is delightful. Seriously, this man deserves an award for the funniest face in martial arts. And the choreography is insane. I like it more than recent movies’s stunt works.

The story is hilarious that I can’t even find room to complain. I mean, there are plot holes, but this movie is supposed to entertain. It’s funny, honest, and well done.

I am not a fan of the fact that the women are portrayed to be manipulative and teary eyed. Fei-hung’s mother kept on fake crying in front of her husband whenever he was mad, and lied about being pregnant so that he wouldn’t hit her. It’s almost like a film on stereotypes. Men fight, women manipulate.

Of course there was a scene in which Fei-hung’s mother showed off her martial art skills and fought like a champion. And there was a girl who helped out during a fight scene and fought the bad guys. But to me, it wasn’t enough to redeem the other little details on the gender stereotypes.

Aside from that, I did enjoy the movie, and my little cousin who had seen it at least a dozen times, was happy.

This movie got a 7/10 from me. It was really entertaining. It was funny and I was wowed by the stunt works. Simply magic.

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