Sherlock Holmes: Immortal

by Devina

Have you seen Sherlock? The one with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman?

This is me writing about why you should watch this series, if you could call it a series – considering how long each episode is.

I won’t lie, I fell asleep a couple of times and had to re-watch.

Now – have you seen House MD? The one with Hugh Laurie? Let me briefly tell you how much I love that show. It’s more like a horror treat to me than any horror movie can be. Why? Because it’s medicine. It’s human body and whatever happens to the patients, can happen to us. It’s scary, and scary good.

Gotta love Dr. House’s sarcasm. His witty comeback, strange interests, and disagreeable attitude. His ability to solve puzzles, unmatched, is clearly the reason why we adore him despite his bad reputation and drug addiction.

Recently a friend told me that Dr. House and Dr. Wilson are based on Sherlock and Watson. It was an eye opener. How could I miss that, I’m not sure. It was a moment of weakness, probably, few years of weakness.

But now that I’d seen it, I missed it.

I started going back to that memory block in my brain to remember every single TV show I’d seen with a big question: “Which ones of those can satisfy my need of a flawed protagonist with brain power?”

Now, let’s go back to Sherlock.

It screws the hell out of your brains. Literally. In every case presented, I tried to picture myself being Sherlock himself. Looking around the room, picking up clues, jogging my memory, and calculating seconds in what felt like an eternity. And it gave me headaches.

Which, I loved.

We are curious creatures. We want to know the answers to whatever we’re presented with. Well, a lot of us are. And these shows nail that. Who wouldn’t want to be in House’s shoes? The adrenaline rush on finding an answer to what seemed to be impossible cases. The incorrect answers that sent us back to square one. The games of guesses.

The possibilities of being both right and wrong.

Sherlock Holmes, portrayed by Cumberbatch, is a socially awkward genius whose only redeeming quality is his loyal friend and sidekick, Dr. John Watson (Freeman). His main interest most of the time is whatever case he’s given, and he takes care of other people in a way that is necessary to him. But he does it well.

For some reason, England relies on this witty detective and idolizes him. He’s got enemies left and right, and outsmarts them every time. Also, if you’ve seen all three seasons, you know that he’s in some ways, immortal.

When will this man die? Probably never, or when he chooses to. Bullets can’t kill him. Suicides can’t kill him. Moriarty can’t. Mary can’t. His brother can’t. Watson can’t.

He is simply, too smart for his own good. He does not understand emotions the way normal people do, and the only ones who accept him are those who have come to terms with that flaw. They love him anyway. After all, he’s a little child who loves puzzles, and is stuck in the form of an adult man.

And this show is fascinating. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the theme song. That’s stuck in my head now. It’s camping together with Game of Thrones’s songs, Star Wars’s, Star Trek’s, Harry Potter’s, and Disney soundtracks.

This show is so witty, cleverly done, and confusing that I can’t help but binge on it again.


And I recommend it to anyone who loves challenges and to think during episodes. I mean, seriously, thinking can be so entertaining.



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