Empire Strikes Back: Who Dies?

by Devina

Empire Season 3 is coming up, and boy am I nervous!

I want to know who lives and who dies. And right now I am siding with Rhonda. I don’t want that Boo Boo Kitty to live after all the things she’s done. I mean, that crazy woman has got to go.

She doesn’t have anything anymore to offer, in my opinion, and her storyline just gets sadder and so petty. She was awesome before! Like, what happened?

What I hope will happen:

Mama Lyon will take her son down. Somehow. She’s got something, y’all, she does. That old lady has grudges and bitterness, and I don’t think she will let go just like that. Also, to make her nice is not fun for the story.

Jamal to rise. I mean, he’s always been the voice in this show, and he really needs to make a stand. I don’t know what to make out of his love affairs, but hey this kid needs to mark his place in the empire. On his own.

Cookie better get what she deserves. She is the heart of this show. I watch Empire because of Cookie Lyon. She’s my woman crush, and she’s the moral compass in the show. She ain’t perfect, but she’s like the reason why the Lyon family still got a chance at being together, and being good.

Gosh, she’s such a tough woman. A protective mother.

I am tired of Lucius manipulating and lying and getting away with it. His wedding ruined him for good.

I really want Rhonda to live. She’s been so good, and Andre needs his wife. I mean, he’s such a wreck. I’d like to watch Andre to get to a better place, not worse. But then again, this is Empire, and anything can happen.

Damn it.

Get over here, right now, Empire.

Who do you think dies? Anika? or Rhonda?

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