For The One that Got Away

I sought to make a reunion after weeks of no contact.

But the idea seemed vague in my thinking.

Stalkishly persistent is not my type. That’s not me.

But efforts are to be made to push things further, right?

I take a breath along with an impulsive attitude to make it less painful than imagined.

A quick rejection will be better than waiting no end.

Everyone normally plays this role but me.

So now, I will un-cheerfully take part.

I will put myself vulnerable without the multiple shields that guard my heart.

Feel free to hurt it as I did yours. Then walk away to feel regret as I did.

We shall go in each our paths, regretful, but healing with time.

Meeting other honest souls to mend the broken pieces, and ours, them.

And we shall once more become the friends we once were; sitting among others, laughing at pain with a gentle longing regret.

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