Descendants of the Sun: Shot through the Heart

by Devina

And someone’s to blame.

I don’t usually watch Korean drama, and when I do, I skip episodes (like first few and then get bored. Thus, move onto the last episode). But I do like few of them, as long as they’re funny enough to keep me awake.

But I love action and medicine, so here we are with Descendants of the Sun. Who knew I’d ever be writing about this.

In total, there are 16 episodes. Not bad at all. Think of it as, in total, you’ll be spending 16 hours watching this. It does not last a whole day. And you can still get eight hours of sleep. How convenient is that?

The story

I kind of divided the story into relationships in the show. But this is how it is: Two soldiers, code names Big Boss and Wolf, met a young man who ended up stealing one of their phones during their break from missions. Tracking the kid down, they visited a hospital to get the phone back. dots-big-boss-kang

At the hospital, Big Boss met Dr. Kang who happened to be treating the kid. He fell in love at first sight, and asked her out. There was this magnetic thing going on between them. They started going out but realized that their relationship would not work due to the nature of their occupations: one has sworn to save lives at every opportunity given, the other saves lives by killing some.

They went on separate ways.

However, eight months later, Dr. Kang was sent to a fictional country named Urk to lead the medical team there at the military camp, where Big Boss was assigned to. They met again there, and Big Boss kept trying his luck to win her over. bigboss and drkang first kiss.jpg

He was doing so well, but Dr. Kang was hard to get. When he was going to go back to Korea, he did not tell her and got her upset. Instead of his confession, she asked for his apology for kissing her once and driving her crazy. She told him that she did not like him the same way. dots boys.jpg

When Big Boss was back in Korea, an earthquake erupted in Urk. In Urk, Dr. Kang refused to go back and abandon the people who were injured and needing rescue. She stayed with her team. They decided that as doctors, it was their duty to save lives.

earthquake2Big Boss and his team returned to Urk on rescue mission. The soldiers and the doctors then worked together to find and save everyone on the site. Maybe they had more in common on their work than they thought they did. The earthquake was a great plot device for the characters. We got to see that a lot of the character development took place thanks to the earthquake. It was an eye opener for the doctors, life changing even, and it was definitely helping Dr. Kang to see that the soldiers were always putting the lives of the civilians first. earthquake1

Also during the earthquake rescue mission, Big Boss got injured and got treated by Dr. Kang. While she was doing his stitches, he told Dr. Kang that he missed her all the time. That after he left, he tried to do what he could think of to not remember her, to forget, but he could not help but miss her all the time. It was another confession, and seriously, this guy couldn’t give up.

One night, a recording on Dr. Kang’s phone was on broadcast by accident, revealing her love for Big Boss to the entire camp. It was a recording of her one day when she got into a car accident, of her asking if he was coming to save her and how her true feelings for him were, because she thought she was going to die. Later on, after Big Boss tried to get her to confess to him, she finally confessed that she liked him too and they started dating.
Their relationship was so cute. They liked spending a lot of time together when they could get out of the camp. However, some things got complicated when a man from Big Boss’s past returned and started creating chaos. These two had to fight together from time to time, and their bond grew stronger each time they escaped death. bigboss and drkang.jpg

But of course, dating  a soldier with a rank and importance like Big Boss would be a great challenge. He’d disappear for days, weeks, and months without news, and she could not get any information from him because a lot of the things he did was confidential.

Then one day, she received the news that Big Boss and his best friend Wolf had died on a battlefield.

A year later, Dr. Kang went to Albania to volunteer and to honor Big Boss on his death anniversary. There, she started feeling like something was off when she heard, “Big Boss transmitting” on her walkie talkie. yoo-si-jin

Big Boss appeared and revealed that he had not died the year before, that after months of being locked up in a prison cell with Wolf, a friend rescued him and got him out.

She was mad at him, trying to make up her mind whether she was happy or upset, but ended up crying in his arms.

descendants-of-the-sun-2They then got back to their relationship and lived happily. Or so we think. I mean, we never get to know whether they’ll end up married or whatever. If Big Boss will remain alive for the rest of their relationship or not. We were just served the happy ending for the moment.

But then again, who can complain? This was a pretty interesting drama, and so far it’s been entertaining.

Now, let’s get to the relationships!

Big Boss and Wolf


By far this is the strongest relationship yet in the series. Nothing can beat Big Boss and Wolf. Their bromance is off the chart. They fight together, win together, suffer together, and even get locked up for months together. Obviously they are not the centre of attention in the story as the romances are more like it, but how can I ever ignore this friendship? Without each other, they’re lost.

But then again, the whole unit is great. Snoopy, Piccolo, and Harry Potter are included as well. Those boys deeply care about each other, and treat each other like brothers. It’s ridiculous how great they work together.

Big Boss and Dr. Kang


It is about a soldier, captain to be exact, who falls in love with a doctor, starts dating her but then realizes that they both live different lives and have different views on saving lives. They go on separate ways, and eight months later meet again on a military camp, stranded in a fictional country named Urk.

Their relationship is adorable. It’s so funny, warm, and even though a little conflicted, we love it. I mean, look at the Captain, he’s hilarious and never gives up on his woman. I have to say, I love how sensitive he is to how she’s feeling, and how much he adores her. And the fact that she tries so hard to understand the things he does and does not leave him for that is just amazing. Not everyone has that kind of tolerance and patience. Also, the actors got amazing chemistry going on. The saddest thing is that, this kind of romance usually never happens in real life.

Wolf and Dr. Yoon


It’s simple, and yet more interesting than the more complicated relationships around. Two soldiers who are in love, but cannot be together because the girl is the Commander’s daughter and big papa does not want his daughter to date the boy. The boy respects his boss’s wish and avoids the girl, but the girl is persistent and will do anything to get to him again.

Their greatest battle has been trying to get the girl’s father’s approval, and not seeing some things eye to eye. I guess keeping secrets is never a good thing in a relationship like this.

I must admit, I like their storyline more than Big Boss and Dr. Kang. These two have a lot of history going on, a lot of pain, and to see them finally happy together is a great feeling.

Dr. Song and Nurse Ha


Okay, this relationship confuses me. They’re like married, somewhat. Always bickering, always fighting, always teasing each other, and always so confused. But as it turns out they’re childhood friends who had been together their whole lives, secretly loving each other but never saying it.

My goodness, imagine thinking you’re “friend zoned” your whole life when you’re not. Well, both of them think that way. Sadly. But despite it being such a sad relationship, I like it. They’re hilarious, and most of the time their screen times serve as comic relief to the serious war scenes. Dr. Song is my hero. He’s so funny. Most of the time I wonder, “What would they do without him?”

Dr. Chi Hoon and well, his career


He’s one of the youngest, and the most privileged. He probably got to become a doctor due to his background, and the fact that his family kind of owns the hospital. I actually love this doctor’s storyline. He starts out as a whiny kid who doesn’t really know what to do, always polishes his shoes because he has to look good, and is a confused sweetheart. But the natural disaster, the people he meets in Urk change him. He finally comes to term with himself regarding his career, and he chooses well. He leaves the mission as a great doctor.


I hate that I love this series. Damn it. My only complaints rely on the special effects that can be obvious, and it’s just because I have really high expectation when it comes to Korean production. I attended a talk about their film making and I was blown away. I guess it’s different when it’s a TV series, but a little part of me was disappointed. Slightly.

The story gets a bit cliche here and there, and it’s overdosing audience with excessive sweetness. But you know what, strangely, I don’t really mind. Usually I’d be turning off a show or a movie for being too cheesy, but this one I could tolerate.

I don’t understand the whole high school crush thing that goes on between Big Boss and Dr. Kang, but it’s still cute. I don’t hate it, that much I can say. Well, I guess a little bit of high school like romance doesn’t hurt, right? I do like the fact that everything in the story is connected though.

Score 8/10

Hmm. Hard to say here. But then again, considering the fact that this series got guns and knives and a lot of blood, I will give Descendants of the Sun an 8/10.

I definitely recommend this show to people who like battles with a dash of romance.


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