Empire Season 3: Things Fall Apart

by Devina

It’s finally back! Empire is finally back!

Rhonda fell down from the sky, onto a car, right in front of the boys. Safe to say she died. Broke my heart. Meanwhile Andre went after Anika, but she started bleeding and the noble Andre had to rush her to the hospital.

Cookie was busy getting rid of pictures of Lucious in her apartment. Yes, Cookie! Get rid of that monster!

And we got to the hospital, to Anika giving birth to a baby, the Lyon heir. And apparently, the boy Lucious was waiting for never arrived. It was a baby girl. And the king was not happy.

Then we got to the aftermath of the whole event.

Andre refused to move, and while he was just rotting by himself the ghost of Rhonda was there with him.

Hakeem went back to focusing on his music. I think it’s safe to say his romantic relationships are gone.

Jamal is going to rise. He is going to beat his daddy.

Anika and Bella, the baby, moved into Lyon mansion only to meet a crazy hair Leah. Leah told Anika to not mess with her, with a pair of crazy eyes. Anika realized the Lyon mansion got new ruler and left Leah alone, chilling with her baby.

Cookie told Lucious that whatever they had before was over. Damn, mama! Cookie should have done this a long time ago! That woman deserves so much better than the lying lion and should’ve left him when she got the chance! And Lucious should have let her go.

So now I want to see Lucious fall. Especially after finding out that in one of the teddy bears in Bella’s room, there was a camera to spy on Lucious.

Maybe the king will fall for good now.


But this wasn’t that disappointing. Except that I still wish it hadn’t been Rhonda who died.

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