Age of Adaline: Beautiful Immortal

by Devina

If you want to see Han Solo acting weird around Serena van der Woodsen who hooks up with Daario Naharis, then this is the movie for you.

So we meet Adaline, a woman who’s over a century old cursed with immortality. She is always on the run, always hiding, and can’t even call her own daughter “daughter” in public.

She keeps her life simple, in the shadows, and always moving around to avoid suspicion. Her love life is nonexistent, possibly due to the fact that every time she gets close to someone she realizes that she cannot be with him and leaves him instead.

Until one day, when she meets the dashing Ellis and lets her guards down. She decides to give love a chance, and meets his family.

But oops, as it turns out, Ellis’s father is Adaline’s ex. She left him right before he could propose to her years ago, and he still remembers her very well. Even a scar on her left hand.

So when William, Ellis’s father, realizes that the girl his son brings home is indeed the one who got away from him years ago, he tells Adaline to not run away again. To not hurt his son the way she did him.


Well, Adaline decides to go for the run the day after Ellis tells her that he is falling in love with her. They’ve gone on like, two, three dates?

No wonder she runs away.

But to Ellis, the love is real yo. He decides to go after Adaline after William asks him, “How do you know that you love her?” and he answers correctly, I guess.

On the road of her running away to nowhere, Adaline gets into a car accident and dies for a little bit. Ellis finds her and then apologizes for confessing his love and stuff, and she says it’s okay and tells him everything. That includes introducing him to her daughter.

A year later, Adaline finds a white hair and is happy knowing that she’s finally growing old.

Okay. It’s a beautiful story.

Visually, this movie is stunning. Plus, you have Blake Lively. She’s such a beautiful woman, it’s not even funny.  Unfortunately, her chemistry with Michiel Huisman is lacking. I don’t understand how they can be in love with that much chemistry missing. I don’t believe Ellis when he tells Adaline that he loves her.


I believe more in Harrison Ford and Blake Lively, that they have history going on and that he just wants the best for her. That, is one chemistry I ship more. Still, for me to be invested in this movie would take a lot more than what I watched.

Over all, this movie is harmless to watch. It’s beautiful, short and the story is simple. Blake Lively as an old lady, I actually believe her.

Age of Adaline gets a 6/10 from me. I enjoyed it. It was light and fluffy.

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