Once Upon an IHOP Day

by Devina

Once upon an IHOP Day we sat down,

Coffee refilled, more and more,

Meals untouched, gazes fixed.

Before we walked in, we fought,

I told you I hated you.

We weren’t friends then.

But there we were, seated quietly,

After two hours of talking, opening up,

Revealing secrets and dirty schemes,

Wondering how in the world two people

So alike, so similar in thoughts

From different parts of the world

Could find each other there?

Pancakes getting cold, coffee overflowing,

Neither one of us wanted to leave,

We wanted to stay, spend more time if possible,

Just to talk about everything and more.

This was it. This was the moment we decided

That we were friends.

Over pancakes and coffee at IHOP that day.


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