Train to Busan: Hide and Seek

By Devina

It is impressive as it is laughable.

We meet a conflicted Fund Manager, whose name I can’t remember, who wants to take his only daughter Su-Ahn to Busan because she wants to see her mother on her birthday. He’s not a very good father, he misses her important moments and doesn’t know what to get her for her birthday.

He even missed her recital, during which she couldn’t finish singing a song because well, she memorized it for her dad and he didn’t show up.

Ouch, dad.

So on Su-Ahn’s birthday, they head over to the train station. They notice something weird was happening but they go anyway.

When they get on the train, we are introduced to other characters we will be spending the next hour watching: a big, strong man with his pregnant wife, a group of high school students, two old ladies, the conductor, and the CEO.

Unfortunately, right before the train departs, a girl runs straight in. It is revealed that she has been infected by something and is having some crazy seizure.

The door closes and the train leaves, with an infected passenger. Then from one it multiplies.

Can any one of the passengers make it? Or will they all die and become zombies?


This movie is surprisingly predictable. I think I mentioned it once in one of my posts that I got high expectations for S. Korean production. So given that, I wasn’t very impressed.

I laughed a lot, however, and hard too. It is an entertaining movie.

Sadly, the zombies aren’t convincing. On the train rails, they skip and run too normally, and I laughed a little. There are a lot of shots in which you can tell that they’re not even trying to act zombies. And it’s funny to watch.

Also, there’s a scene with zombies falling down from the sky, and I had to laugh. I mean, isn’t that cheating?

Some things are amazingly off and I don’t mind. For instance, the pregnant lady runs fast with a big baby bump and high heels, and she’s tough as hell. I guess that’s what they mean when they say pregnant ladies are protected by some greater force. She kicks ass, seriously.

The story has typical necessary heroes: a big, tough guy who fights well, a mean guy who needs to protect someone he loves, and a young man who’s stuck with them.

It also serves us a typical, selfish villain who only thinks of himself and readily sacrifices his colleagues for his own survival.

The story falls together in a way that it isn’t disappointing as everything is predictable, and heartbreaking as the ending ties everything neatly.

The characters are driving me insane from time to time. It is during those moments when they witness zombies eating the other passengers or just running towards them that they stand still and watch, absorbing everything like, “Ah. So that’s happening right now. Let me watch it for another minute before I start running the other way.”

I found myself going, “Go! Go! Go! Run! Move! Back away! Something! Anything!” a lot during this movie. I know for sure that if it’d been me in that situation, more than once or twice, I’d bring out the Flash in me and run the heck out of there.

I find it more of a comedy than horror, and sadly can’t remember single moment when I found anything scary.

It’s really easy to tell who’d make it and who wouldn’t. There are hints dropped here and there throughout the movie to let us know that, “Yeah, this character won’t make it.”

And in the end we’re left with a big relief as those who survive truly deserve the spots.

Train to Busan gets a 6/10. I believe it’s a good attempt, but in comparison to other zombie movies we’ve had these past few years, hasn’t lived up to the expectations the standards had set. Again, in so many ways, it is a truly entertaining treat, and a fun watch. Definitely had some great time watching it with my sister, and I’d recommend it to anyone.

2 thoughts on “Train to Busan: Hide and Seek

  1. Dude I fucking hated that too, okay just stand still with that dumb look on your face instead of running then. I just find it interesting how disasters brings about the inner bad or good in people. Walking dead has been saying it for years, people are more dangerous than any zombies. And I fucking hated that selfish dude. Seriously. I wanted him dead aha

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    • Yeah! Ahahaha geez we were just like “What are you doing standing there just watching!” Oh and that selfish dude should’ve died like in the beginning. He just made me so mad, and I was already feeling so many emotions watching that movie.

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