The Magicians Season 1: Fillory Nightmare

by Devina

I finished the Magicians in two days, if I remember correctly. Time flew. It was insane. I had little sleep due to the dark twists in the series. They are haunting me. Still.

Quentin Goldwater was always an outcast. Not that everyone wanted him out, but because he always separated himself from everyone else. From the world, basically, because the kid was always attached to his books, living in the magical world of Fillory.

One day, Quentin “Q” and his best friend Julia got at Brakebills, a grad school for magicians, and were tested to get in. Q got in, and Julia didn’t.

Q met the hosts of the second year class, Eliot and Margot, and they befriended him. He also got to meet his condescending roommate Penny, a gifted magician who could travel wherever he wished. And of everyone, Q fell for the best, most gifted student in his year, Alice.

These kids slowly learned that the magic world, Fillory, truly existed, and a beast resided there, readily haunting their world. Q believed that he was a chose one to fight off the beast, and went on a quest to find Fillory.

Meanwhile, Julia tried to get back to Brakebills after being rejected. She joined a group of hedge witches and learned spells from them. And despite not being properly trained, Julia determined to master magic and grew into a powerful magician.

When the magicians had finally grow stronger, they had to face the beast and find a way to Fillory. However, some unfortunate things happened and left Q with the big question in the face of, “What should I do now?”

This show left me feeling completely dead inside.

There was a scene that I don’t want to talk about, but I’m sure those who have seen it know, just how haunting it is. The dark twists in the show burned, and I don’t know how to get that out of my head.

The characters are very stereotypical that they don’t seem to be anything more than what they serve in the story. Their relationships seem to happen too easily, and some bonds make no sense except for convenience.

Why does Penny keep going to Q even though he knows that kid is kind of useless? Convenience, I guess. There are a lot of other students who are more talented and smarter than Q. But why does Q keep on getting all the hints that he is a chosen one?

The one character with most character development and craziest adventures is Julia, and the one character who should get more screen time, in my opinion, is Penny.

However, it is refreshing to see that the main protagonist is not the chosen one. He isn’t as smart as he thinks he is, not as powerful as his friends, and definitely not the one who can kill the beast. He just happens to be one of the team members, an assistant, and a supporting pillar. That we get to taste how it feels like to be Ron Weasley, instead of Harry Potter.

The Magicians is a 7/10. I cannot wait for Season 2, and I am excited to see what they got in store. Of course, I want to know if anyone dies.

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