BBG Week 2 Review

by Devina

It got easier! Whoohoo! Surprisingly. I thought I was going to die the week before, but hey, I made it out alive and still am going strong.


I cannot remember the exact reason why we did not do BBG on Monday. I think, if I’m not mistaken, my sister was watching Korean drama and could not be disturbed. Either that, or I wasn’t feeling well. But point is, we took a break.


Legs. Legs. Legs.

I could not feel them legs anymore. I swear those lunges can kill. The power of lunges, like gunshots. Damn. But I made it. I finished the whole routine. While crying. Dear legs, don’t die on me yet. I still love you.


I felt like dancing, so I danced for about an hour since I believe it was supposed to be the “chill” day. Of course, I had to include a little bit of squats here and there in the dance routine, kinda to feel how much burn I’d feel. Ahahaha. Okay, so BBG had driven me mad.


Abs and arms. Again. I have always loved abs workout because for me, it’s the easiest. So abs and arms workout day is always fun. However, unlike last time, my arms didn’t die this time. I actually survived, and felt great afterwards.


I did some squats and sit ups. Other than that, I chilled and ate. Enjoying life, like a boss.


My cheeks got chubbier. I know, what in the world? Is my body rejecting BBG? Is it defending itself by making my cheeks chubbier? Why?

Maybe, my metabolism prefers my usual sleeping and eating habit. Yeah, that must be it.


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