The Best Friend You Should Have Fallen for But Didn’t

by Devina

There is always that one friend. Your closest friend. The one you tell all your secrets to. The one who doesn’t even need explanation or even a word from you to know what’s going on.

The one who forgives. The one who laughs with you and is your ultimate speed dial.

The one who shares food with you. The one who says, “Yeah, I know,” before you get to say anything. The one who is generous with hugs. The one who listens to your complaints for hours and has just as much to say because you are both comfortable.

The one you count on, trust your life with, and go to when you’re in trouble.

The one you should have fallen for, but you never did.

Then after separation, distance and time start ticking you. You feel that poke in your heart, one wondering, “Where has this person been?”

You miss your partner in crime, your endless phone call record, and the coffee shop you two usually spend time at.

You start asking the what if’s. You start remembering the hints dropped here and there, your closest bud pouring love to you and you walking away due to not knowing how to respond.

You start asking the why’s. You go back tracing memories and cards, realizing how good you two could have been together.

But romantically speaking, that never happens.

And now you’re alone, one heartbreak after another, broken and empty inside. Looking at old photos. Such wonderful times you two used to have together.

You look at the cards written to you, the gifts you two exchanged, the smiling faces in the photographs.

You remember all the warm hugs, the long hours driving just to get chocolates, the many stories that belong to just you two. And you realize that those little things make up some of the best things in your life, but you never got to see them that way before.

You now understand your ex partners’ jealousy towards this friend. They must have seen what you could never. And you must have missed something too.

So years later, as you lie in your bed, staring at your ceiling, you start feeling that tingling sensation.

Your heart sobs a little.

Now that you two are apart, you realize you’re late in falling in love with the one you should have fallen for years ago.

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