Once Upon A Time Should Stop Screwing Regina over

by Devina

reginamillsRegina has been my favorite since day 1. She was the woman who was doomed to darkness due to always getting hurt and left behind by those she loved.

She was angry, bitter, and hurt.

We got to understand why she did what she did, and we grew to love her. Every time she made a progress, we cheered for her. At least, I always cheered for her. I still do. She’s seriously the best thing about this show for me.

When she cried, we cried with her. Well, at least I did.

evil-queenI love Regina. Also doesn’t hurt that she’s gorgeous. It just makes sense of all the love and devotion I have for her.

And every time Regina made a progress and found peace, something bad would happen and destroy it.

Every time she was inches closer to happiness, something bad would drag her away from it.

reginamills-image-2And when she deserved to be happy, she didn’t get her happy ending. Everyone else did though.

Not that I’m not happy with everyone’s happy ending, but the fact that it’s just rubbing it on her face hurts a little.

And she’s grown so much that when she found out that Hook is alive after Robin died, she took it well and focused on what had to be done instead.

If anything, I was annoyed by Emma, “the savior” who was so eager to prove her fear that Regina hadn’t changed. People change, you know!

She went from good to bad to good to bad to where does she stand now, really?

reg-millsShe made it so far only to get screwed over, again and again. And I think they should stop. She’s grown so much, become a hero, and she deserves to remain the hero.

Just bring in another bad guy. There are plenty of villains around. Just stop ruining Regina. Please.

Let her have her happy ending. I don’t even care if the whole Storybrooke needs to disappear for that to happen.


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