Westworld Gave Me Goosebumps

by Devina

A new HBO show is out, and it was my mistake to watch it before going to bed. Because oh damn did that give me a nightmare.

So we are introduced to Dolores, a “host” in Westworld, a theme park where rich people throw away their cash to do some horrible things to the human like robots. They may shoot any robot and not feel guilty because well, it’s not real.

Or that’s the idea anyway.

Dolores is the oldest host, and possibly has been programmed several times into different roles and places. Currently, she is programmed to meet another host, Teddy, every single day as if they’d been apart for long.

And as every night the robots are wiped clean off their memories to start brand new the next day, Dolores’s father figure robot seems to have figured out what they are and their purpose.

As the consequence, her father robot has to leave his role and join the inactive robots. A new robot replaces him, and Dolores, despite being obedient and honest, seems to know something is up as well.

The big question in this show is: “Will the robots figure out that they are indeed robots?”

The performance in this show is insane. I feel chills going down my spine when I watch the robots turn off their emotions and pause when they hear certain command words.

It’s scary. It’s unreal. It’s madness.

And to think that this could be our reality scares me more. Like, have you ever wondered if you’re Truman in the Truman Show? Or have you ever questioned?

Dolores is asked a question when the creators start to worry about her: “Do you ever question your existence?”

To which, of course, the clever robot answers, “No.”

Obviously something is up with her. And what she might do when she ever finds out about her being is a scary thought.

I mean, what would you do if you found out that you were a robot? Designed to be as perfect as a normal human being would be, with emotions and ability to follow certain patterns and calculations into what seem to be normal mankind decision making? And that you, being the “not real” being, had to endure being murdered and raped over and over again by the “real” beings, enslaved and got your memories wiped out every single night?

How would you feel? And again, what would you do?

So many questions. And it’s driving me insane. I can already see myself going “Oh no! Damn! Gaaaaahhhh!!! What?! No no no no no!” over each episode until the whole season ends. And this is only the pilot.

Westworld got a lot of potentials. A lot. And it’s so good.

I can’t rate it yet because it’s brand new. But I do highly recommend this show to all of you.

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