Pros and Cons: Online Shopping


  1. You can stay at home, in your Star Wars T-shirt and Bear pants while doing your shopping. And sometimes, it’s better when every item is laid out clearly, and you’re not in a store full of people, going from one aisle to another, hanger to hanger. You can also do that when you’re on the bus from work, eating your lunch, doing number two, because it’s basically a multitask privilege.
  2. You can shop anytime. 1 AM? 3AM? You don’t have to go out, and if you’re tired you can just browse while watching a movie and snacking on your couch. It’s convenience at its best.
  3. Reduces the transport fees, and whatever else you spend on when you go out to a boutique or mall. And you can always send a pic of whatever you’re about to buy to your friends for opinion. “Yay or nay?” And they don’t have to be there with you physically to give you their opinion. And you don’t have to be in the store physically for that either.
  4. The feeling of getting that beautiful dress delivered to you. It’s delivered to you! You don’t have to go get it. You’re like a freaking royalty.
  5. You can go from one store to another in a click. Seriously. Skip the leg day! No walking around the mall with big bags and feeling your wallet getting thinner. It’s all so easy.


  1. Cancellation. The worst thing ever. It’s when you’ve paid and waited for this one item to get to you, and then you receive an email informing you that, “We are sorry for the trouble; however…” And “refund” burns. I’ve had items cancelled on me at least ten times and it’s pissing me off. Every single time. Coupons? Vouchers? Hell no. I want that blanket with arms that you promised me!!!!! Where is it!!!!
  2. The sizes online are different. And there you are, holding a Small that is way too large for you. Or a Large that is too small. 
  3. Textures might be surprising. The whole item is actually going to surprise you. It’s like a gamble. You don’t know how your purchased item really looks like. If anything, it could be a completely different thing, of different materials, different colours, sizes. And when you’ve received it, do you want to spend more money to send it back?
  4. It takes time. Unlike buying, paying, and taking home a dress from H&M at one go, this order will take awhile. It will take 3 to 5 working days before item is shipped, and it might take a week before it’s delivered to your door. “Noooonnnnn!!!” So maybe you might want to think that when going to the mall is time consuming, waiting might be drowning.
  5. Shipping fees. My worst enemy. It’s like when your basket ends up being $85 and the shipping $9, and you go, “No. No can’t do.” That cost can get you a shirt. Or a dress on sale. Or three cupcakes. It’s just, no.

In the end, it’s whatever you feel like doing. I mean, the other day I was bragging about my online shopping skills. One click, and a book will soon reach my door.

However, when I receive an email regarding the cancellation, my heart breaks into a million pieces.

And the same goes to shopping at the mall. When I’m just really tired and exhausted, I go around the store going, “Man, if only I stayed at home and did this online.”


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