by Devina

Some of us were born in castles, huge mansions looking like that of the Wayne’s. Some were born with enough fortune to build their own Batcave, buy their own Batmobile, and perhaps with enough brain powers, build their own Iron Man suit.

Some of us were born in working families. Some were born completely alone. Some were born with truly nothing, some weren’t wanted. And everyone’s got his or her own story.

Every single one of us got a crazy personal story.

And oftentimes we grow jealous. We’re jealous of that guy who moved to DC recently, interning for a political party, and being a part of the campaign for the election. We’re envious of the girl who makes it to the top fashion industry, working for one of the biggest names in the world.

We assume that everything’s been given to them. Like, if the gods were being generous one day, giving random packages of gifts to random people, and for some reason they kept missing us.

We look at their social media posts and assume that what’s shown is the reality.

“It must be nice for them to travel all the time, not worrying about money.”

“Wow, it’s so nice to be rich like them.”

But we forgot that these people must have their struggles to. And nobody wants to be petty, to be posting personal struggles on social media and revealing their conflicts to the world.

People post happy stuff. Announcement on engagement, wedding, babies, anniversaries, and so on. Nobody posts anything truly depressing and gets away with it. Who actually posts, “Someone stabbed me. Darn it.” If it was Dr. House, I’d believe it. But people like to turn things into a positive message. Perhaps something like, “I was recently stabbed by a stranger, ended up in hospital for few weeks. Even though it hurt, and I would never want to relive the experience, I believe that this incident has made me stronger…” and things like that.

And from that post, we see the “blessing.” In a way of “Look at her, she got stabbed and she’s still alive. She must be blessed.” We ignore the fact that she did get stabbed, she almost died, and she had to suffer for weeks.

We want what looks good, which is what’s presented to us most of the time. We want what’s displayed. Without knowing how the display is made.

We ignore the equation, only the result. However a person is made, we just look at what he or she displays on social media and go, “If only I had that.”

All the sweats, the pain, the struggles, and the tears are ignored. So we go around feeling miserable because our lives don’t look half as good as theirs. We feel like, we are lacking, not blessed enough, not privileged enough.

But perhaps, if we knew what these people had to deal with, would we actually want their lives? Oh wait, we only wanted the good stuff. Not the life.

And it’s our nature, to want good things in life. To avoid hardships and make turns for easy opportunities and life privileges.

So maybe, it isn’t so much as to us being jealous of other people’s lives, but maybe it’s just our basic greed to want more in life. And just like window shopping, it’s always nice to look at what’s on display because it looks fancy, but we don’t want to make it ourselves or know the difficult process it took to get the item there.

Again, it ends up personal. Personal story, personal pain, personal struggles, personal desires.

Personal greed.

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