Petition to Stop Showing Scary Trailer Unexpectedly

Don’t you just hate when you’re about to watch something comedic and a trailer comes on screen and it’s for a horror movie? With no warning and worst off, not giving you the option to ‘skip ad’.

The horror!

I have a policy of no scary movies or paranoid discussions after 5 pm, so you can just begin to imagine my frustration when this happens.


From adolescent till present, the number of scary movies I have watched are a little beyond countable; from traumatically scary Nigerian movies which have more of a witchcraft realistic phenomenon to it – to Japanese bloody long hair white gown ghostly movies – to Thai lakorns with a  witchcraft ghostly combo of scariness – to a couple of terrifying  international movies  which left my mind paranoid at every sound I heard when night fell.

So, at this point, you probably are wondering

‘why do you even bother watching any sort of scary movies if you are such scaredy-cat?

Well, there are two simple answers to this question.

#1.  I often clearly underestimate how scary these movies might turn out to be.

  • My ignorant & curious self can’t comprehend that ‘a scary movie is a scary movie’ no matter which country it is filmed/produced in.

#2.  I only watch scary movies when my mind is mentally prepared to have an all-nighter … by that, I literally mean going all night without shutting my eyes once till eight the following morning.


“As if the scary thoughts wouldn’t follow me to the following night”

As far as American scary movies go, ‘Chucky’ is one of the movies I watched as a child, and still remember faintly well. It was one of those movies that traumatized me to the point that I isolated and in some cases donated some of my dolls away (especially the ones that weren’t ultra plush).


Remember those old dolls, the ones with hard heads and plush bodies? e.g. Victorian dolls?

Scary right?! or is it just me?

I was actually thinking of re-watching it this Halloween but I think I will pass. Just the ‘gif’ above is scaring me.


I was once narrated the movie, ‘paranormal activity’ by a friend who wasn’t one bit bothered by the ghostly mystical creeping in the dark creatures. I probably should have politely stopped her but at the time, it didn’t really seem harmful, at least not until I was alone in my little room looking at the ceiling and begging the dream wagon to take me to sweet-dream land.


Little things scare me, especially when it is unexpected like scary trailers.

And you might ask ‘why don’t you just refresh the page or change the video as quick as possible?’

I usually do, trust me on that.

But sometimes you’re not quick enough to mute the volume after clicking on a different tab and what ends up happening is that the sound drives your imagination wild. In this case, my imagination wild.


So, I propose a petition, with no real seriousness, to stop showing scary trailer unexpectedly because some of us have sleepless nights because of such sneak-peaks.

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