White Canary is an Awesome Captain

I was a little bit irritated with the fact that female characters aren’t exactly the main heroes in DC TV shows.

Arrow is well, Arrow. It’s Oliver. We got Black Canary who died. Felicity who, we used to like and not anymore.

The Flash got Barry Allen. And he’s the title of the show.

Gotham has Jim Gordon. And the women? His exes. even Fish Mooney got cast away.

Supergirl is an exception. That show has not disappointed me yet.

So when Legends of Tomorrow took White Canary and Hawkgirl on board, I was happy. And yet disappointed with the fact that they weren’t as developed and appreciated as the other members.

Then when Hawkgirl decided to leave the team, I was sad. There were only two of them to begin with, and she had to go? White Canary is one of the few without superpowers, so how will her story play out?


As it turned out, in season 2, White Canary was made the captain of the ship. And I believe, it was the best decision ever made.

Mick is a ruthless criminal who always thinks of profits first. Ray is a kind genius who always wants to save everyone. Jax is a smart kid who follows directions. Stein is brilliant, but too calculating. Sarah is trained to do what’s best in every situation. She’s a professional fighter, which none of her team members is.

And for the first time, she’s appreciated properly. Maybe she’s still considered the weaker one, but hey, she’s leading the whole team.

She’s kicking ass left and right, sitting front row, ordering people what to do. It’s great. I can’t complain much.

She’s the boss. And that’s all I need for now.

Thank you DC.


by Devina



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