And The Cold Persist …

By Daniella D.

Brighton, that’s the town I have been and will be stucked in for awhile. Not that I mind to be honest – It’s beautiful but super dull in terms of the ever cold/chill weather. When Trevor Noah once said in one of his stand-ups that Britain had “five days of summer,” I remember laughing without a slide ounce of believe. I was wrong. It is in-fact closer to the truth than I ever imagined.


With every passing day, the cold persist. That sweater and jumper has become my best wear instead of the crop top, t-shirt, maxi skirt, and short shorts that once frequented my closet in Texas. I guess it’s better to dress warm and avoid that sickness than dress for fashion and spend weeks avoiding class due to some nasty cold you picked up. Not that there isn’t such a thing as unfashionable winter wears. macklemore1During one of my weekend night out with friends, I remember seeing these two girls wearing skimpy club outfits with no acket and/or any other sort of cover-up and I was like “Omg!”

Mind the fact that it was so cold that even the thick jacket I had on, on-top of the few layers within, barely blocked the cold that seemed to want to penetrate inside my skin at all cost.

I just remember one of my friends saying “they are used to it” even though from my view, it clearly seemed like they were struggling with the chill wind at the entrance of a club facing the river side.

All I could gesture at that moment was Respect! It certainly takes dedication.


This actually got me thinking if, after just a few more months, I would be able to walk around with a t-shirt and jean with no regards for the weather… Nah, I highly doubt it. After all, I heard it only get worst from this moment forth …damn it 😦


By the way, below are Five Pictures For the Five Days of Summer .. Enjoy!


Please do be deceived by the awesome view of the beach and come visit when you have the chance.


20160913_060215 20160913_080150 20160913_080754 20160913_081730 20160913_082952 20160913_083904





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