Hacksaw Ridge: Blood and Belief

by Devina

Sad news: Nate Buzolic was in few scenes, and I was sad that he disappeared afterwards.

Enter Desmond Doss (Andrew Garfield) and his brother Hal (beloved Nate Buzolic), two kids who were adventurous and brave, and partly violent. They’d fight like animals while their dad was watching.

And one day, Desmond hit Hal with a brick and found his limit: he would never ever kill anyone, because killing was the worst sin.

Mind you, Desmond Doss was a man of great faith.

15 years later, Desmond saved a young man and got him to the hospital, where he found his true calling: medicine. He also met the love of his life there, Dorothy (Teresa Palmer), and proposed to her right after he enlisted himself in the army.


Before he left, Dorothy gave him her bible, with her photograph inside to remind him to come back to her for their wedding.

In his training, Desmond got into trouble for disobeying order. He refused to touch weapon of any kind, and got the whole camp hating him for being stubborn. He held onto his principle to not touch weapon, due to his past, and he kept saying no to the order.

He ended up in prison for awhile and missed his wedding.

Then due to his father’s connection, Desmond got out of imprisonment and started serving as a medic. He went with the troops to Hacksaw, and carried Dorothy’s bible with him all the way.

When they were hit hard and had to leave the men, Desmond decided to stay behind and save the survivors. He started sending the survivors one by one, lowering them down the hill with a rope, and managed to get 75 men into safety. hacksaw-ridge-2016-andrew-garfield

Afterwards, those who used to make fun of his faith and beliefs turned, following Desmond and his ‘miracle’ works. They even waited for him to pray before going back to Hacksaw. And Desmond went with the men, winning and coming back home alive.

Now, this movie was 90% explosion and bullets. I kid you not, my heart went completely numb during this movie. When I felt sorry for the dead characters the first two seconds, I stopped caring ten minutes into the war zone. Everyone was just dying. And I guess, that’s what made Desmond Doss character so great.

Because he saw life in every single person, despite seeing them missing limbs and bleeding out to death. He made it his mission to save lives, and he didn’t rest at all until he found all survivors and got them to safety.

I’ll be honest here. I cried a little. I cried not when characters died, but in a scene in which Desmond prayed to God after saving one man, “Let me save one more,” and he repeated that every single time he got one man to safety. “One more,” “One more,” “One more.”

hacksaw-ridge-trailer-image-2The most selfless greed I’d ever witnessed in cinematic experience.

I whispered to my sister who was watching with me, “Now that is one good Christian.”

Do you believe Andrew Garfield in his portrayal of Desmond Doss? Yes. Or at least, I definitely did. I admired his strength and courage, and I was invested in his character. I was interested, and I was curious to see what this man was made of.

And that proved a brilliant actor, and a great story telling.

Hacksaw Ridge got an 8/10 from me. Would I watch it again? Not alone, for sure. It’d be really creepy watching a movie that’s 90% blood and death alone in the dark. But it’s so good that I won’t be saying no to that. If some friends ask me to see it, I’ll go with them.


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