Bridget Jones’s Baby: Who’s the Daddy?

by Devina

Bridget Jones is back! And this time, she is 43, single, and yet… established in her career. So at least, she got that going on for her.

Mark Darcy is married to another woman, and Bridget decides that she’s closed that chapter of her romance and put it away.

bridgetjonessdiarySo after her 43rd birthday, she goes on a fun trip with her friend to a music festival, where she meets the dashing Jack Qwant and sleeps with him.

Later on, after flying back to London, she runs into Mark again. After he tells her that he’s going through divorce with his wife, he and Bridget end up sleeping together.

Now, few weeks after, Bridget finds out she’s pregnant with no idea who the father might be.

Both Mark and Jack agree to stay by Bridget’s side until the baby’s born and they can get the DNA test done; however, midway Jack tells Mark that the baby is most likely Jack’s, leaving Mark heartbroken.

bridget-jones-baby-zellweger-dempsey-firthWhen Bridget finds out that Mark has left because of what Jack’s told him, she goes to find Mark only to see him and his wife walking into a building together. Confused, Bridget goes back to a home without Jack who’s gone off after confessing to Bridget about what he’s said to Mark.

Then one day, after everything in her life seems to have fallen apart and she’s locked out of her house, Bridget is sitting outside when Mark finds her and rushes to her side. Awhile later, her water breaks and Mark carries her to the hospital.

bridget-jones-baby-850x455Both Mark and Jack carry Bridget all the way to the hospital, but eventually Bridget finds herself more comfortable with Mark than with Jack. So Jack leaves the two alone, and when the baby’s born, the two are requested for the DNA test.

Time jump to a year later, Bridget is getting married to one of the two men. As it turns out, she’s marrying the love of her life, Mark Darcy. Jack is seen carrying her son during the wedding only, and later on it is revealed that Mark is the father.

This movie closes off the Bridget Jones chapter, wrapping up a trilogy. It’s still the same Bridget Jones that we know, but finally her journey ends for real this time. Every time it ends with Mark, but finally they tie the knot!

8/10 is what Bridget Jones gets from me. It’s a good wrap up to the whole Bridget Jones tale. Would I watch it again? Hell yes. It’s Bridget Jones.

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