Sarah Hyland sang ‘Closer’ with Boyce Avenue and it was awesome!

by Devina

I’ll just say it. I love Sarah Hyland. She’s gorgeous, funny, and she’s one of the celebrities whose Instagram profiles I actually go to every now and then.

I’ve heard her sing once in an Instagram post. It was her singing and playing a guitar Dom Sherwood just got her. What a supportive partner.

And of course, I thought, “Aw, if only I could hear her sing a full song.”

And she did! With Boyce Avenue!

And it was awesome!

This girl can sing, y’all. At first she didn’t have much part, and I was just waiting and waiting and waiting until her beautiful voice pulled through.

And it did.

I was in an awe, so happy, and amazed by this girl’s talents.

If you haven’t checked it out, go check it out! Especially if you’re a Sarah Hyland fan like me, it’s totally worth it.

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