Texas to Brighton – Culture Shock?!

By Daniella D.


For those who might think there can’t be such a thing as a culture shock when traveling to England for the first time from the U.S, well be ready to be persuaded otherwise – at least to a certain degree

1. Free Bus Wifi

Isn’t that just awesome? – even though it opens up your device to hackers


2. Opposite Directions – Car’s steering wheel, taps, etc.

This will certainly mess with you till you get the hang of it



3. Crossing the street (Be Careful!)

  Right then Left, not the other way around.

beatlesabbeyroad4. Bigger keys/locks

Or is it just my old dorm door lock??


5. Money – Pounds

(It kind of sucks that the dollar is worth less than the British pound) – By the way, what’s up with no £1 paper money?


6. The Accent

The gif below says it all – No further comment


6. 50% is a pass instead of our regular 70%

And did I mention it is super hard to get that 90% and above?!


7. Same shop, Different names e.g. Poundland = Dollar General, TJ Maxx=TK Maxx, etc.

This was kind of like plagiarism – just kidding!!!


8. Weather – cold, rainy, ewk!

Don’t get me started on this.


If you want to know a little more about the weather in Brighton, check out my previous post HERE

9. PUB Culture

All I am going to say is GAMBAI!!!



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