Hot Seats where You Think about Life

by Devina

When we aren’t doing our routine, when we aren’t sitting in front of our laptops busily typing our brains out and finishing up before deadlines hit… We think. About the most random things. It could also be just us looking at that one pretty tree over there outside IHOP. Why is it so pretty? You don’t understand, but it’s just so pretty.

Dentist Chair

When the dentist is cleaning your teeth, thoughts pass by. Luckily for me, there’s a TV to look at, and it’s always food network. But sometimes, thoughts like, “I shouldn’t have had that coffee ten minutes ago…” “Why did I end up here…?” to “Should I brush my teeth more often from now on?” cross my mind.


Possibly the best place to think about whatever you want. Be it, “What should I do tomorrow?” to writing a poem for your English Literature class, to “What am I doing with my life?” Any kind of thought pops into your mind when you’re sitting there. Sometimes you take longer than you should sitting there, drowning in thoughts.

Window seat at your favourite coffee shop

Watching people walk by, looking at the sky, wondering about the circle of life, rules of nature, and other things you usually don’t really care about. “The sun is out!” “Look at that girl in that beautiful dress! Where did she get that from?” “That guy is wearing shorts? It’s snowing!” “This coffee tastes yuck… but it’s $2.50… so be it.”

Airplane window seat

Look outside, many beautiful lights in the dark. Look outside, the fluffy, fat clouds floating around the blue sky. And then you wonder if you’re going to make it to your destination alive. What if the plane crashes? Have you done everything you want to do? “Did I call ma yet? I need to tell her to sell my paintings and get my money back from that trash Ben.”

Car in Traffic

Waiting, waiting, and waiting for your car to move even an inch from the spot you’ve been stuck in for half an hour now, you have no other thing to do other than listen to music, talk to whoever you’re stuck with, or think. Wondering, “What could I be doing now with my life if not this mad traffic?” “I’m running out of potato chips… maybe if I get out of the car, run to a seven eleven over there, I can make it back here with few more bags of Lays.”


Beautiful scenery, dark tunnels, and there you are imagining the impossible, thinking, “If only I’d gotten that damn letter from Hogwarts, I’d be on my way there.” And start cursing, “Which owl was sent to deliver? That damn owl.” You flip your Slytherin scarf and sigh out loud. This would have been a more exciting journey if only that owl had found you.

Ferris Wheel

Unlike roller coasters, on which you don’t really have time to think or wonder about life, ferris wheel provides you enough time to ponder. You get up there and you imagine the wheel rolling out of the stand, out to nowhere, with you and other passengers screaming. You look down and wonder if falling might hurt. You look up and you feel close to the sky. You start wondering, “Who thought of inventing this?” to “What if it gets stuck and I can’t get down? No shit.”

Passenger Seat on a Long Ride

Be it a long bus ride to another city, a boat, or a road trip with family or friends, you get to watch empty streets, mountains, buildings pass by, going through different thoughts. “This road is like life… everything passes by… different places… different feels… and we aren’t the ones driving…but life is… well, Jess is driving… we are all probably gonna end up dead in few hours…”

Graduation Ceremony

Merde. This is it. What am I going to do with my life? What is going to happen now? I shouldn’t have graduated so early. I should’ve just stayed. This is the end. End of it. End of everything. Please, don’t call out my name. Please, please, please… alright, I’m going up there.


Usually we are too busy thinking about answering correctly. But the worst is when the interviewer asks something like, “So what is your life ambition? What do you want to do with your life?” To us it means either, “You’re too good for this job. You must want more,” or “You think you can get this job? Kid, you’re probably better off doing something small.” Whichever one it is, yea, you think so too.


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