3 Idiots: One Pen to Rule Them All

by Devina

Finally I am writing about one of the best movies ever. This is the movie to watch. I laughed, cried, smiled too many times, over and over again, because I’d seen this movie so many times already.

My summary is going to be choppy, since I don’t think any summary would do the justice. You just have to see it if you haven’t. It’s a wonderful experience. It’s inspiring, and it’s hilarious.

mc02-3idiots02Our narrator Farhan was sitting comfortably on a plane seat when he received a call from an unknown number. He was informed of something, and later on pretended to be having seizures so that he could get off the plane.

1He went to pick up his best friend, Raju, and headed to the caller, who turned out to be an old college friend: Chatur. The guys had forgotten that 10 years ago, Chatur had challenged them to meet so that they could see who was the most successful. chaturramalinghamranchovirushrasbuddhe3idiotsthree

While Chatur was boasting about being a VP and having a beautiful wife, Farhan got mad. He thought Chatur had found Rancho, their best friend who’d been missing for 10 years, but instead of finding Rancho, all he got was a blabbing Chatur.

So Chatur then revealed that he had found that they could find Rancho in Shimla. The three of them then drove to Shimla to find Rancho.

During the journey, Farhan narrated their story.

3-idiots-17aYears ago, Farhan got into engineering college, despite not liking the subject. He met his roommates, Raju and Rancho, and noticed that Rancho was an eccentric genius. The three became good friends, glued together by Rancho as he always motivated them and pushed them to do what they loved.

virusRancho was truly invested in engineering, and loved it wholeheartedly. We were introduced then to the head of the college, Viru S “Virus” who hammered the “memorize and master” studying method. Rancho rebelled and insisted upon “study by heart” method, annoying Virus. As his ideas and philosophy kept poking Virus, Farhan and Raju got dragged into the whole mess due to being Rancho’s friends.

3-idiots-movie_79793-1280x800However, despite Virus hating Rancho, they boy had the highest scores and placed first in his class. Not only did Rancho annoy Virus by being the best, he also fell in love with Virus’s daughter Pia.

Rancho’s fascinating perspectives and bold attitude attracted Pia, and she admitted that she had fallen in love with the boy her father wanted dead.

Their friendship with Rancho proved to be more than they needed. Rancho encouraged Raju to let go of his fears and to do engineering with love, not fear. He pushed Farhan to pursue what he truly loved, which was photography, and to not go on with engineering.

06-3-idiotsOne night, when it was flooding and storming, Pia’s pregnant older sister’s water broke. And when they could not get her to the hospital for the labor, Rancho came up with a solution and delivered the baby on campus. Virus, who initially despised Rancho, realized that he had been wrong and gave Rancho his favourite pen, acknowledging that the boy was right about everything.

1In the end, Raju and Farhan got to do what they loved, and followed their dreams after they successfully graduated. However, right after graduation, Rancho left and disappeared.

Back to the present day, Farhan, Raju, and Chatur arrived in Shimla only to find out that Rancho had been someone else. As it turned out, their Rancho was a servant boy who was remarkably smart that his master let him pursue higher education with his son’s name.

After getting the right address and having the information that Rancho was a school teacher, the trio went to pick up Pia, stopped her from marrying a man she didn’t love, and went to find Rancho. Chatur wasn’t happy about the whole trip, as he was preparing to meet a very important client whose identity was a mystery: Mr. Wangdu. However, due to wanting to laugh at Rancho’s face, Chatur went along with the group, excited to see his number one nemesis less successful than him.

699e72_38841f19f4c1401198814335588ae06a-jpg_srz_600_256_85_22_0-50_1-20_0-00_jpg_srzThey arrived at a school that was almost magical, where students were encouraged to follow their creativity and invent anything they wanted. Farina and Raju were happy to see children, as they reminded them of Rancho.

And as they found Rancho, they learned that his real name was Phunsukh Wangdu, a genius, billionaire scientist who had been popular in technology industry due to his brilliance. Who happened to be Chatur’s mystery “very important” client.

3 Idiots got a 9/10. I love it, so much. This is the movie to beat.

It takes you to this journey, and it makes you question your passion the way it questions the characters’s passions. “What is it that you love to do most?” And it’s awesome.

It’s hard to not laugh and cry watching this movie. It’s engaging. It’s a brilliant story telling.

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