Moana and the Creator’s Stone

by Devina

I had the best time watching this movie. I cried, laughed, smiled, cheered, and I did not want it to end. At all.

Of course, if Harry Potter was about a chosen boy who started his journey with a sorcerer’s stone, Moana was about a chosen girl who started her journey with a creator’s stone.

te_fiti_moana_So a long time ago, Te Fiti, the goddess of islands and creations, decided to rest. Everyone was seeking her heart, in a form of a stone, to use its power of creation. A trickster demigod, the shapeshifter Maui succeeded in stealing the stone.

However, when he was leaving, a demon lava god Te Ka stopped him and dropped him into the ocean, where Maui’s hook and Te Fiti’s stone went missing for a millennium. Unfortunately, without his hook, Maui became powerless, and got stuck on an island without a way out.

toddlerwatermoana2A millenium later, on a peaceful island called Motunui, the chief’s toddler daughter Moana was chosen by the sea and was given the stone, the heart of Te Fiti. But due to her duties, Moana was always held back, away from the sea by her father, so that she could focus on becoming the next chief. Her people held onto their beliefs that the sea was dangerous, and that staying on their paradise was the best. Despite Moana’s best attempt to focus on becoming a chief, her grandmother consistently reminded her, in her crazy ways, of her love for the sea.

When she became an adult, strange things started happening on the island. Nothing grew, trees died, and fishermen couldn’t find anymore fish. They couldn’t explain why, but Moana kept encouraging her people to keep trying and to stay motivated.

MOANA - (Pictured) Grandma Tala and Moana. ©2016 Disney. All Rights Reserved.One day, Moana’s grandmother told her that their ancestors had been voyagers before they reached Motunui. She showed Moana a tunnel that led to the secret place where the big sailing boats were kept, safely shunned in the dark so that people wouldn’t think of sailing. When Moana shared her confusion over being a chief and loving the sea, the grandmother returned to Moana the Te Fiti stone, telling her that she was the chosen one by the sea.

That she must find the demigod Maui and return the stone to Te Fiti if she wanted to save her island.

moana-olympic-tv-spotOf course, Moana wouldn’t go just like that. She believed that her dad would go with her, but he coldly brushed her off. And when her dad was about to go burn down the boats, Moana’s grandmother was dying.

Her last words to Moana were encouraging her to go, that when she found Maui she had to make him sail with her to find Te Fiti.

Before her dad could notice, Moana slipped out of the house and prepared for her long journey. Her mother found Moana and helped her, sending her daughter off to the sea.

Then when she sailed away, her grandmother’s spirit guided her in the form of a magical stingray. This is the part when I cried yo, because the grandma died and immediately went to look after her granddaughter. Also, she died after telling Moana that she’d always be with her. This kind of stuff always makes me teary eyed.

722So Moana sailed, supported by the sassy sea, and ended up on a lonely island where Maui resided. At first, Moana hated the trickster, who just wanted her boat and wanted no part of the Te Fiti restoration plan.

moana_clipmeetthekakaThen when they were attacked by minion like coconuts, they fought together and started bonding. Maui was then convinced that if he took part on the mission, he could become the hero that he once was, and agreed to help Moana.

Things were going great for the team. They even went to get Maui’s long lost magical hook back from an evil monster named Tamatoa. Who, by the way, sang like an angel. And, he was SHINY.

moana-teka-lava-monsterWhen the team found Te Fiti, they were faced by the demon lava god Te Ka, and Maui took a huge blow while protecting Moana, damaging his magical hook and pushing them back further away from their destination.

Disappointed and upset, Maui took off and left Moana alone, who had to figure out if she wanted to continue her mission or go back home to Motunui.

This movie is incredible. It’s so much fun, and visually stunning. Disney doesn’t disappoint. I felt so much watching it, and it was ridiculous how invested I was in Moana.

moana-assista-ao-teaser-trailer-do-proximo-filme-da-disney-cafecg-750x400The story was engaging, and the way we were guided and led from one frame to another was interactive. It was fun.

The message in the movie was incredibly personal as well. It made us wonder, and question if we are who we truly are?

“Who are you?” kept popping up during this movie. All throughout the movie, audience got to hear the characters asking each other, “Who are you?”

In a very subtle way, it inspired us to do the same. Well, at least it did me.

Moana is one of the best cinematic experiences I’ve had. It’s a solid 9.5/10. I love it. I’ll definitely watch it again. I’ll listen and sing to the songs. I’ll draw the characters. I’ll be loving it for a very long time. And I believe you should go and see it if you haven’t.


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