Why Romantics are Awesome


  1. They believe they deserve love. In another word, they love themselves enough to say that they deserve something that amazing. People like me look in the mirror and go, “Who’d love someone like me?” and walk away. But these people look in the mirror and go, “Someday, someone will find you beautiful.”
  2. They have tough hearts. Because they have been broken many times and yet still stand strong. They go, “I can take another round,” every time their hearts got broken. Whereas we protect the pieces of our hearts on the floor, they glue the pieces right back up and tell their hearts to move forward.
  3. They have no fear. They give their hearts to strangers and once they got hurt, give their hearts to others. I cringe at the sight of such thing, because I’ve built thick walls and many layers to protect my heart from any thief. And when someone’s stolen it, I close the doors and build more walls. Yet these people keep searching, even when they know the risks. What scares us doesn’t scare them.
  4. They’re patient. Because they are willing to wait until the right one walks by, even if they’ve come across many “right ones.” One doesn’t work out? Okay, then the next one might.
  5. They see the good in people. That’s what they do. When cynics are ready to say, “It can’t work out because,” they are ready to say, “It will work out because…” and it’s amazing how they do it. They are willing to give chances to people because they look past history, right to the heart.
  6. They are full of love. They usually are some of the warmest, most amazing individuals with big hearts. It’s like walking next to Snow White, followed by birds and squirrels.
  7. They give hope to others around them. They’re the friends who will always say, “Go for it! You never know if you don’t try.” They’re the ones who will tell you that you can make it, that you shouldn’t give up. And you know they believe their own words, because that’s what they do.

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