Stranger Things: Powerful Children

by Devina

Well, some things can be stranger, indeed.

I am not sure why I didn’t watch this show sooner. I kept getting distracted by a lot of other shows that I didn’t schedule some time to get to this amazing show. If you read my posts on other shows, don’t judge, I call that midlife crisis.

A kid named Will Byers just got home from a long day at his friend’s place. He felt the presence of someone else in his house, and went quickly to escape and save himself.

Unfortunately, whatever was in the house found him, and took him.

After Will went missing, his mother Joyce started an investigation to find her son. At the same time, Will’s close friends started their own investigation to find him. And when they were looking for him, they found a strange girl who went by “Eleven.”

Eleven had very limited vocab, but she sure was a clue to finding Will. But there were more things going on with the girl and in the town. And no one was safe.

The show had this perfect pace that every revelation happened just at the right moment. We weren’t rushed to anything, we weren’t dragged slowly into anything either. We were walking with the characters, and I enjoyed it.

We got to know them better, understand their struggles, and fight with them.

In our mind, that is.

The actors played their roles well, and I was convinced the whole time. I got invested in the characters, and I believed their parts and the story. And for me, a good story telling is worth a lot.

It is good writing, good acting, and good direction. And I’m so glad Netflix did this.

My favourite part of this show was of course the nerdy kids, and how cool they were. They fought, they made up, they went on adventures together, and I adored them.

I enjoyed every bit of this show, and it’s awesome. And you can’t help but go, “What else?” every time, because there’s always something else. Even the ending made you question.

Stranger Things is a solid 9/10, and if you haven’t, you really should see it.































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