Trolls: Happiness is inside You

by Devina

trolls-cstf-clipI finally saw Trolls, for one good reason, which was Can’t Stop the Feeling. Seriously, it’s such a catchy song.

So we started with a storybook introducing us to the Trolls, happy creatures that sang, danced, hugged, and repeated.

Unfortunately, there were unhappy creatures called Bergen that believed in eating Trolls to be happy. So they hunted down the happy Trolls and kept them for annual feast.

One day, on the day they were supposed to be eaten, the Trolls escaped and found a safe place where they built their home again.

20 years later, the Troll princess Poppy celebrated their freedom from the Bergen, despite the warning from a cynical Troll named Branch. Their celebration ended with some Trolls captured and taken by an evil Bergen chef.

Then when nobody wanted to go on the mission to rescue them, Poppy made it her own to find and save her friends.

Of course, she realized that the Bergen deserved to be happy too, real happiness, not the temporary one they believed they could obtain by eating the Trolls. So Poppy made a Bergen friend named Bridget, and started teaching the Bergen slowly, indirectly how to be happy.

It was an entertaining movie. There were some really catchy, good songs in this movie.

I really loved how they portrayed happiness in the story, and it was truly a simple message that a lot of us would usually ignore.

“Happiness is inside you.”

It’s not something you can get by eating Trolls or what you can absorb from others. It’s simply inside you.

And just because you’re always happy doesn’t mean you can’t be sad. When Poppy realized she’d messed up and disappointed her tribe, she became sarcastic and cold, due to everyone’s surprise. It showed that the Trolls weren’t always the happy creatures they were pictured to be. They were just creatures that chose to be happy.

And it was because they knew that happiness was inside them.

Seriously, it was a good message. I like it. A lot.

Sometimes I wish people could be like these Trolls. To know that things that they believe can give them happiness will only grant them temporary smiles, because the real deal has always been in their hearts.

This movie gets a 7/10 from me. I was surprised by how much I actually enjoyed it, and I believe that I might watch it again one of these days when I need a good, cutesy, musical entertainment.

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