It Must Have Been Hard for You

It must have been hard for you to confess, to admit you’re wrong, and to apologize to my face.

It must have been so hard for you to tell this little girl that you, the adults and the ones claiming years of wisdom, have messed up and burned parts of her life away.

It must have been terrifying for you, the idea of looking into my eyes and saying, “I was wrong.”

It must have been haunting you every single day that I am not around, knowing that I must have seen the side of you that you never wanted me to see.

It must have been screaming in your heads, the cries of your own sins and lies, the disappointment crystal clear in my eyes.

It must have been difficult for you to say sorry, to let your guards down, and to let me see the real you without any pretence.

It must have been tough for you to abandon me, ignore my pain, and walk away as if nothing happened.

It must be really painful for you. To put yourself first. To throw me away. And to not get the forgiveness I’d been ready to give away.

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