Sherlock Season 4: Baker Street Boys

by Devina

When Season 3 ended, we were hit with the “Miss me?” and Moriarty’s haunting face. So of course, we were expecting the return of that high pitched, suited up man boy.

Unfortunately… well, just keep waiting.

Our big bad wolf this time is not a Moriarty, but a Holmes.

This season hit us like a full speed train.

First episode we lost our beloved Mary, and along with her went our respect for Watson. After that emotional cheater watched his wife die I still wanted to punch him in the face and pull his hair. In all the lack of respect I had for him.

The second episode we were hit hard by the revelation that the one behind the current schemes was Sherlock’s missing sister, Eurus Holmes. Oh, and of course we had to be reminded several times that Eurus is Greek for “god of east wind.” Because the cool thing is that, if you go back to the past seasons, there’ve been references to “East Wind”for awhile now.

We just weren’t aware of her yet.

Then the finale took us to an unexpected place. It was Holmes vs Holmes, allowing us to greet little Holmes and understand how the three Holmes kids ended up the way they were.

Apparently, Sherlock Holmes became the man that he was thanks to his crazy sister. And how did the sister become crazy? Because she wanted to have a friend to play with, aka, the occupied brothers kept ignoring her that she felt lonely.

They were just screwing each other over. Then they grew up.

So in the end, Sherlock had to face his forgotten childhood and the one person who made him the person that he was, in order to solve the last problem. And as usual, Watson was there as the motivation for Sherlock to move faster.

Win it, or Watson dies.

This season seemed safe. In a way that they didn’t take risks. We were on a ride, a scary ride, but we knew where we’d end up.

Watson wouldn’t die. Neither would Mycroft. And Sherlock dying was so old season.

After the death of Mary in first episode, I doubt that they’d kill any of the major characters. And it was all just a safe ride. In the end, it became a predictable tale, and the only thing I was holding onto, was the fact that I loved this show and I wanted to see it all the way to the end.

It also ended in a poetic way. With Watson finding a CD that Mary had left, of her narrating why he and Sherlock would be alright.

I do adore the way she ended that beautiful recording. Mary had a way with words, and I appreciate the fact that her voice was the one I heard before the light went out.

“A junkie who gets high from solving cases, and a doctor who never came back from the war… my Baker Street boys.”



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