Goblin: the Forever Lonely and Great God Lives on

If I had predicted how this show would break many hearts in Goblin: the Lonely and Great God, I regretted saying that. Because I just had two hours of tears flowing, my tissues were on the floor, and pieces of my heart too.

But then again, this was still bearable. Nothing broke me the way “hold the door” did.

1484381733_goblinGoblin: the Lonely and Great God was overall, a beautiful ride. I couldn’t ask for a tale better written and better told. And even though my heart is broken, I never regret watching this show.

Now, let’s get to how it ended.

Damn it.

Sunny had decided to leave town and left a love letter to Wang Yeo through a radio broadcast. Just imagine having the love of your life tell you that she’d be gone for good and that she actually remembered you, she just pretended to not know. Ouch.

So Wang Yeo was truly heartbroken, crying and being alone in his room. He started thinking of the punishment grim reapers were given, and what they should do about it.

Seriously, when one is heartbroken, one starts thinking about life more. Being heartbroken isn’t all bad, yo.

Poor Wang Yeo, he cried so much in this drama it hurt me too.

drama-korea-goblin-episode-14-1-696x399Meanwhile, Eun Tak and Kim Shin agreed on a wedding, and that she could finally be his bride for real.

They were so happy together it seemed too good to be true. And it was just that, too good to be true.

Later on, Wang Yeo was on a site of accident: a truck without brake would hit a bus full of children. However, he was notified few minutes after that the accident was cancelled and the children would be saved.

kim-go-eun_1484088808_goblinBy none other than the sacrifice made by Eun Tak, who happened to stop the accident by letting the truck crash into her car instead.

Of course, Kim Shin wasn’t happy with it when he found out, and Wang Yeo was the first to cry. Wang Yeo, your tears would have been enough for an Olympic pool by now.

He told Eun Tak that it had been her first life that just ended, and she was relieved. She knew that she had three more lives to spend with Kim Shin, and she told her husband to wait for her to come back. When Wang Yeo offered her the oblivion tea, she refused it, because she wanted to remember everything.

I swear my eyes were bleeding tears.

30 years passed, and Wang Yeo received his last assignment as a grim reaper. And as he cleaned up his room and got ready to move on, he checked the name on the card and saw Kim Sun’s name on the card.

He told Kim Shin to meet him at the tea house, and let the goblin greet his sister for the last time.

Wang Yeo told Sunny that her third life just ended, and that his punishment had come to an end. She asked if this was their happy ending, but he didn’t know.

They walked together, hand in hand, and moved on to whatever next.

goblin_ep1_58bYears passed, and Kim Shin remained.

As promised, he waited for his bride to come back to him.

While waiting, he spotted Wang Yeo and Sunny, together in their current lifetime, and happy. I bet everyone was cheering when Wang Yeo kissed Sunny and made their relationship official.

For some reason I was still sad over the fact that for the two lifetimes before that, they were miserable till the end. Pfft.

Then some time passed, and Kim Shin was back in Canada.

One day, he was told to stay away from the main road since many Korean students were visiting, and they were noisy.

So he sat by the grave, as usual, and read a book, when a high school girl walked by and spotted him. We all knew who she was.

She stopped, turned to look at him, and said, “Found him.”

And as the Goblin realized his bride had come back, he got up and watched her walk towards him.

screenshot-2016-12-04-15-56-09GAH. My poor heart. My poor, poor heart.

The tale lived up to the title, that the Goblin was a lonely god. He was exactly that, losing everyone he loved, watching them go and finding them again. Over and over again.

goblin06-00202.jpgSupposedly, once Eun Tak’s four lifetimes were up, Kim Shin could ask the gods to grant him rest, and move onto afterlife with her. And that would mean more waiting for him when she was gone, and more loneliness.

But I guess, for him it’d be worth it. Better than not seeing her at all.

cz1ableviaakjv4Damn it. This series’s way of treating two people in love is just horribly sad. Take Wang Yeo and Kim Sun. It’s horrible. His love for her made him kill himself and become a grim reaper. Her love for him burned her for two lifetimes. And they were never together for long.

Kim Shin waited 900 years for a bride who could end his life. Then of course, he ended up loving his bride and died to protect her. Afterwards, he came back and spent few weeks with her, married her, and lost her. Then he had to wait many decades before she found him again. And of course, she’d die again and he’d have to wait again.

14583496_240390003079435_5362038589112713216_nThe road to a happy ending for every single one of them was just bumpy. So many deaths, so many years.

So many hearts broken, yeah, I’m talking about audience’s!

Of course the story is full of irony. Oh, I am just too sad to even think about it.

Kim Shin waited for so long to die, and now the only one who could end his life became the reason he wanted to stay alive. It was the big question in the series since it started: “What would you choose?”

And it seemed like the gods really wanted their children to suffer. To learn lessons the hard way. To make their decisions well and live with the consequences. Or die, in Eun Tak’s case.


I wanted a happy end for everyone, and I guess I got that. Kind of. I mean, after like 900 years, Wang Yeo and Kim Sun finally got their happy ending. Bleh. Probably more like a thousand years to be exact.

Kim Shin finally got to forgive his king and see his sister again after 900 years of waiting. He finally met his first love too, died in her arms, found her again, married her, lost her, and found her reincarnation decades later.

In a way, it’s a happy ending. Right?

Please tell me it is, because my eyes are swollen and my heart is bleeding on the floor right now.

PS: Dear all actors, you guys were amazing. Kim Go Eun, I fell in love with you.

5 thoughts on “Goblin: the Forever Lonely and Great God Lives on

  1. Ahh, I love this kdrama! It is perfect! I must say, this has been the best I’ve ever watched, yet! Now my expectations for kdramas have really skyrocketed. I’m still stuck with the Goblin fever and I have been watching clips about it over and over again. I don’t think I can move on easily after watching this show. Will definitely miss waiting for new episodes of it every weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes! Goblin is definitely a masterpiece!! Even every frame in that show is beautifully shot! Every little bit of details matters, and it’s like putting pieces of puzzles together to see a whole complete picture of something incredible. And the way they handle the tale! Oh, my heart!! I still feel like crying when I think of them and I have been shaking whenever I’m about to blow some candles lately!!! I hope you didn’t cry as much!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m a little late to the party but I finally just watched this. I loved it but I do think overall it leaves me sad. But I guess that’s goes with sadness and love can’t last 1,000 years and Eun Tak says a sad love. These were sad happy endings, super bittersweet.

    I do like the idea that at the end of her 4th life Kim Shin could ask to finally rest. I guess I thought of him being alone after Eun Tak’s 4th life and felt really sad. So the thought he could move on gives me peace. lol probably taking a story/series too seriously.


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