Next One

In the next life, I wish I won’t meet you.

Or run into you. Or even meet your eyes.

I pray you won’t ever get to see me too.

Perhaps in the many years you’ll grow wise.


Maybe you’ll just wonder what’s missing,

Or who is, but never figure out exactly who.

And I’ll just dwell in what pain can bring,

As long as it won’t lead me back to you.


In the next life, I hope I won’t find you,

And if I do, I’ll run fast the other way.

If you catch me, don’t think of deja vu,

For in the end, I will have nothing to say.


It’s an ugly, fated crime to fall again,

I’ll just be that one destiny you can’t attain.

And I hope in the next life I won’t run into you.

But no, I know once it’s fated, it’ll come true.


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