The Legend of the Blue Sea: Save the Mermaid, Save the World

Once upon a time, a mermaid fell in love with a handsome prince. She bargained with a sea witch to get legs, so that she could walk on land and meet her prince. However, her legs weren’t permanent, and she had a deadline to win over her prince’s heart.

Now, let’s complicate it.

bluesea1-00035Few hundred years ago, a gold tailed mermaid was caught on a beach by a group of villagers, and brought to the authority as a hostage. There, she was presented to the new head of the village, Dam Ryeong, who was kind enough to save her and set her free.

bluesea1-00119As it turned out, Dam Ryeong and the mermaid, named Se Hwa, were childhood best friends who fell in love and had to separate due to Dam Ryeong’s engagement to another girl years prior to the start of this tale. In order to help Dam Ryeong move on, Se Hwa erased her existence in his memory and decided to disappear. However, fate brought them back together, and even without his memories of her, Dam Ryeong fell in love with Se Hwa again.

Unfortunately, their love wasn’t blessed by people around them, and it put Se Hwa in danger. And Dam Ryeong tried to protect his beloved mermaid, while wondering why he kept having dreams and visions of them in another world.

the-legend-of-the-blue-sea-4th-teaser-1In the present time, which is the other world Dam Ryeong referred to, a con artist with Dam Ryeong’s face named Ho Joon Jae went to Spain and met a strange girl who appeared out of nowhere. The girl was actually a silver tailed mermaid who got lost and wandered around on land to his rented suite.

jun-ji-hyun_1479404895_bluesea4At first, Joon Jae was attracted to a jade bracelet the girl was wearing, for it would worth millions if he could get it and sell it. However, he grew fond of the girl and fell for her, promising to take her to Seoul with him and show her beautiful things.

the-legend-of-the-blue-sea-criticized-for-plagiarizing-scenes-from-sherlock-writer-in-hot-waterUnfortunately, while escaping from people who were after Joon Jae, the duo jumped off a cliff and into the sea, where the mermaid had to act quickly and erase Joon Jae’s memory of her by kissing him.

The mermaid, being very naive and innocent, decided to swim to Seoul to find Joon Jae, despite knowing that he wouldn’t remember her.  So she swam for three months to Seoul only to meet a very confused Joon Jae without memories of her.

legend-of-the-blue-sea-updates-second-teaserAt first, Joon Jae didn’t want to keep her around, but for some reason he took her home and gave her a name too: Chung. And Joon Jae kept wondering what he’d forgotten in Spain that Chung remembered. He used it as a reason to let her stay in his house, but of course, he couldn’t deny that he felt something for her too. Well, Joon Jae, being the ever cautious con artist, kept denying that he’d fallen for Chung, until memories of Dam Ryeong flooded in his dreams.

bluesea1-00902aAs expected, Joon Jae was the reincarnation of Dam Ryeong, and no matter how many times his memories were erased, no matter how many times he was reborn, he’d always fall in love with the mermaid. And as everything that happened in the past repeated in the present time in parallel, and Joon Jae and Dam Ryeong started communicating, it was up to Joon Jae and Dam Ryeong to save both past and present mermaids.


So how will it end? What do you think?

The show will air its last episode in two days, and to be honest, I can’t seem to predict where it’s going. I predicted Goblin, and I am still recovering from that heartbreak.

the-legend-of-the-blue-sea-jun-ji-hyun-1I watch this show for Gianna Jun, to be honest, since I’ve had a crush on her for awhile. She looks absolutely stunning as the mermaid, and I can’t picture anyone else better to play the role. I can see Se Hwa and Chung as two different mermaids, and at times, one soul.

As for Lee Min Ho, I never watched anything he starred in, so this was the first. I heard great things about him, saw his face everywhere, but never understood why people were so into him until I started watching this show. Not that I’ve found him that attractive. Yes, he’s a pretty boy. And a good actor. Maybe if I’ve seen more of him, I’ll get why everyone’s so into him.

legend-1-1This drama has a pretty slow pace. It takes its sweet time every episode, lets us go on the journey with Chung at first, and later on gives Joon Jae the control to let us in on the Dam Ryeong story. Revelations and reunions come a little too late for me, and most of the time my patience dries out already.

However, I won’t say that this is a bad drama to watch. It’s very enjoyable. I laugh a lot watching it, and I enjoy the ride. I just hope it won’t end tragically. I want to see a smiling Gianna at the end of the series.

Would I recommend it? Yes.



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