Traveling at Night in the Streets of Paris

By Daniella D.

I am here once again. It seems like I was just here yesterday, stuffing myself with the most delicious croissants in the world while being too lazy to venture out to explore this magnificent touristic overrated city called Paris.

One reason why? The piercing, permeating cold was just too much for my warm sub-Sahara adapted body which found it extremely unpleasant. By the way, is that the correct use of the word ‘permeate’? Because I am not at all acquainted with biological terms to know otherwise…lol!

Nevertheless, it was a pleasant trip that time around. After all, I got to see a little of what France had to offer from the heart of Paris and its famous Eiffel Tower.

Today, I am traveling as a loner in a city that went to bed upon my arrival. I guess 8:30pm is too late, almost close to my very own bedtime (as my friends would mock while laughing hysterically at this habit of exhaustion from my part after a long day of studies).

As I write, I am on a train to Courbevoie. You know that awkward feeling when you’re in a train, bus, or any public transportation and people sitting or standing on all sides are desperately trying to avert each other’s glance because they don’t want to come across as creepy?

I am happy that’s not the case for me right now since it is night time.



[8:32pm] Oops! I spoke too soon. A bunch of passengers just came in after I took that picture– awkward! … Don’t ask me why the train was so littered.

[8:35pm] A man sits across me. He keeps looking my way. I try to avoid him gaze. He kind of seems shady but I would give him the benefit of the doubt as I always do.

[8:44pm] I am so exhausted right now. It’s going to be a long ride from now…I don’t even know if I correctly remember my destination address

[8:55pm] After a little confusion and help from two very kind strangers, I am on a metro to ‘la defense’. At this point, I am so fatigue that if someone were to grab my bag and sprint, I probably wouldn’t even try to run after them –they probably would need whatever is in there more than I do.


[9:15pm] I am lost – the darkness has camouflaged my memory of the place. Ugh~ I just saw an older man, will go ask him for direction.

[9:25pm] We have just walked around this block at least two times. He doesn’t know where the address is as well. My phone battery is dying

[9:45pm] We ask someone and finally find the way. And before he leaves, he asks for my number in the way your mind is probably thinking right now. Yap, that way. I make up an excuse and begin walking frantically. Obviously can’t run since I am tired.

[10:00pm] Home and most importantly, safe!

Moral of my travel in Paris is: Don’t travel late by yourself (especially if you aren’t familiar with the area) & Be Careful of strangers even if they come with good intentions (Better be safe than sorry for a reason)

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