Touring the Beautiful Capital of the Netherlands

By Daniella D.

A few days ago, I was chatting with a friend whom I hadn’t spoken to in awhile, and before I could realize what was going on, I had already been convinced to take a trip to Amsterdam the following day.

And just like that, the next day at 7pm, we were making our way to the bus departure center to take an overnight journey to one of the coldest places I have ever been so far.


The bus ride was about nine hours as far as my drowsy mind could remember. I guess that’s what you get for taking a bus from Brighton to Amsterdam on such short notice instead of boarding a plane for an hour and twenty minutes.

Though I have to say, the bus ride was not as uncomfortable as I expected – Perhaps because I had the privilege of  sitting by the window. In addition, being the prepared woman I am (LOL), I had a few movies planned out for the trip – a complete set of Harry Potter films was enough to bring some sparks to what I initially thought will be a dull tiresome trip.

After dozing halfway through the movie , we were in Amsterdam, ready to explore the city at about 7:30am. First stop with the tour guide, a boat ride which cost an additional fee. I’d say it was just like any touristic thing to do, except that the scenery as you can expect was beautiful.

20170121_093303I finally understood why people fancy Europe as much I fancy exploring other parts of the world. I guess in the case of Amsterdam especially, it was an added bonus to a particular type of sightseers who sought to benefit from certain loosen laws this country had on ‘you know what’?

If you don’t know what I am talking about, google it.  All I am going to say on this subject is that even if you are one that does not care for such at all like me, you would be bound to second-handedly inhale it because a few people just walk around smoking it all day.

I wonder how people can function properly on a weekday if such is readily available with every breathe in. Though, I guess a small amount might not be harmful…perhaps

20170121_093524After the boat ride, we started walking till our feet went numb. Then came our visit to the big ‘M’ restaurant. Yap, despite numerous possibilities to choose any resto out there, we chose the one we knew best, McDonald. I guess having an unlimited free internet system has its perks.

Fast forward an hour and a few minutes later, we were at the Anne Frank Museum/house. if you don’t know who this is, allow me to be brief. She was a Jewish victim who wrote her account of the events during the holocaust. Her dairy has gained popularity around the world since it was published.

In the museum, we weren’t allowed to take pictures, so I can’t exactly show you how it was inside. However, I have to say it was surreal. From the outside, you could not tell how big and complex the inside was. Pictures and pages of the original diary were displayed. It was incredible and definitely worth waiting in line for.

Though we had initially decided to explore the nightlife Amsterdam had to offer, fatigue could not help but befriend us. Therefore, our day terminated with a visit to the ‘I AMSTERDAM’ famous sign, though due to nightfall and an abundance of people present, it was a quick sightsee before heading to the hotel. 20170121_095714

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