Lego Batman: People Matter

Gotham City is always in trouble. Always. There’re villains everywhere, ready to strike and destroy the city, yet the citizens are always calm.


Because there’s Batman.

One night when Joker brings the whole big gang of villains to destroy the city, Batman stops them and saves everyone. After defeating Joker, Batman lets the villain go with, “You mean nothing to me. Nobody does.”

There goes Joker, heartbroken.


Bruce, the loner, finds himself unable to open up to other people and let others in, much to Alfred’s dismay. He is a jerk who only thinks of himself, and refuses to acknowledge anyone else’s importance.

One night Bruce meets an orphan, Dick, who asks him for adoption. Bruce, at the time not paying attention due to staring at Barbara Gordon, agrees to the adoption without knowing it.

Barbara Gordon, as the new commissioner in Gotham, attracts Bruce who finds her stunning. However, the attraction falls apart the moment Barbara announces that she wants Gotham to fight without Batman.

At the same time, Joker and all villains surrender and go to Arkham, leaving Gotham in peace and Bruce without vigilante activity.

thelegobatmanmovie_clip_snakeclownsSo Bruce, missing his vigilante life, starts finding out what Joker is up to and figuring out what to do with his nemesis, while keeping an eye on his new adopted son Dick.

And when everything falls apart, can Batman start opening up to people who care about him and let them help? Will he open up his heart to his son? Or acknowledge that Alfred has been more than just a butler to him? Or that Joker is more than just a random villain on the streets of Gotham?

This movie is spectacular.

I love the characters. I love the plot. The way songs are used to describe the moods is brilliant. The jokes are on point. And overall, it’s so creative.

There is not a single moment when I wish the movie would end soon. And I was so invested in the characters, surprisingly, despite them being Lego blocks, that I felt their struggles and laughed with them.

I loved Robin. Oh that kid is adorable.

This movie teaches people to appreciate relationships in their life, and to let people in. To know that not everything can be done by yourself, and that sometimes you need help.

And of course, it is okay to love someone.

Lego Batman got a 9/10 from me. I highly recommend everyone to watch this movie. It’s such a fun treat. It’s enjoyable. It’s super refreshing. And it’s pure awesome.


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