Samyang Stew Review

How many times have I said that I love noodles? Probably at the very least, twice a day.

img_1270So I’ve been a good friend of Samyang ever since they made it to the top spiciest instant noodles.

I even wrote one on their noodles: Two Samyang Review

When I saw Samyang Stew few months back, I didn’t get the chance to buy it, so I let it slip.

Then I spotted it again last week when I was grocery shopping with my sister, and decided to go for this.

Even though Samyang hasn’t been my favourite when it comes to their noodles, I trust their “Spicy” products.

So, I decided to go for Samyang Stew.

img_1271How was it? Well, I have a very simple way to describe it if you’re an instant ramen fan. Have you ever had Nongshim’s Neoguri?

Well, this tasted like a combination of Samyang Buldak and Nongshim Neoguri. Which is, good.

I was initially scared before I even took one bite. It wasn’t even the smell, because it smelled just like any other Samyang noodles.

It was just how thick the soup was, and how “Sweet” I thought it’d be.

But as it turned out, it wasn’t as sweet as I thought, and it burned.

Which, was what I was looking for. My lips went full blown Kylie Jenner after this bowl.

So Samyang Stew won. I don’t think I like it more than Samyang Buldak, but I like it enough that I’ll grab it again the next time I go grocery shopping.

Still, Samyang is a 7/10 for me.

It makes such fun snacks when you’re really bored and it’s raining outside (I don’t know why but the rain helps).



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