Samyang 2x Spicy Haek Buldak Bokkeummyeon Review Part 2

by Devina

I reviewed this ramen last time: Samyang 2x Spicy Haek Buldak Bokkeummyeon Review

And I admitted there that I didn’t prepare the noodles correctly. Hahaha. Oh, silly me.

So this time I made them right. Or I hope so, I mean, what other ways can you do this?


There you go. No soup.

For some reason, I prefer it with soup, in a way, I like it better when it’s incorrectly done. And let me justify why.

One word: health.

This burns a lot more. I was calm when I was eating this, and I was taking my time, because well, I wanted to feel everything. Also, I wanted to see how much worse this would be in comparison to the soup failure.

It burned the back of my throat right away. Seconds, not even a minute, after first bite, it burned bright. No, it wasn’t warm. It was hot.

My lips went full mode Kylie Jenner within two minutes, if not less. I wasn’t sweating though, which was good, but I could feel heat creeping up in my head, and it wasn’t exactly the most comforting feeling.

It burned all the way to my stomach. Luckily, I think my stomach has gotten used to these spicy noodles to act up weird. Nothing happened, it just burned there.

For hours.

If the soup ramen lasted two hours, this one is still going (been nine hours when I’m writing this). I’ve been drinking cold water, eating chia pudding, fruits… anything to cool it down. But it still feels like there’s a Melissandre sacrifice going on in my belly.

As for how the noodles were… as usual, they weren’t disappointing at all. Samyang, as I’ve stated many times before, does so well when it comes to their “spicy” collection. It balances their other products which are bland, because these spicy ramen experiences are worth it.

It’s tasty, a little bit sweet, and doesn’t go overboard with the flavours.

I think though, next time I’ll do it incorrectly again. I’d rather drink the soup clean and have my stomach on fire for two hours than this… I wonder how many more hours of this burn I have to deal with.

And this will mark the end of my ramen experiences for awhile. I’m going back to my diet right….now.



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