10 Tips for Being Fashionably, Absolutely Nerdy

img_1324Since nobody knows it, I’ll just say it. I’m pretty nerdy. Of course, my best friend laughed at me when I told her that I’d just realized how nerdy I truly am.

And most of the time, nobody could guess that I’m a nerd. Even though I dress like an old lady and talk like one.

But here are tips for you who want to dress well as nerds. I honestly don’t think I do that well, but hey, I’m sharing my tips. Oh, and you get to see unpleasant sights.

Nope. I’m not even sorry. I’m sharing.

These are the things I carry with me or do everyday as a fashionable (as if) nerd.

  1. 12072660_10153290942303789_776735464706838462_nCONFIDENCE. Who cares what color matches with what. Or what pattern matches with what. Wear whatever you want. A lot of the times, when I lay out what I’m going to wear, I get the song of disapproval. “Seriously?” should be my ringtone every time I pick out an outfit. And of course, I get stares (and possibly glares) when I go out in public. But who cares! As long as when you look into the mirror you see yourself, your real self, and you love the image, then it’s all good. Of course, keep in mind that you gotta dress appropriately. I mean, cover that cleavage in church, will ya? As long as you’re comfortable, you don’t cross the dress code (if it’s for going to a conservative place, seriously, show some respect and don’t go all out), and you look 100% you, wear it with confidence.
  2. IMG_1881BARE FACED. I honestly have almost zero knowledge when it comes to makeup. I know how to put on mascara, and that’s about it. Sometimes when I try on eyeshadow, it comes out looking really messy. Like, as if someone just punched me in the face. My eyeliner skills are nonexistent. I can’t even put on lipstick right, and have to fix the mess at least twice before going, “Aye, this looks alright.” But apparently, people can tell I’m not much of a social butterfly due to this. Or I think that’s how it works. My mom just refers to me as “tomboy” and well, maybe that works with being “nerdy” too? Probably. Or it can be a statement on your face that “I care about other things more important than putting on make up on my face. I’m not that worried because I’m not that concerned about impressing others.” Well, I’m single. Haha.
  3.  7056_10153318087013789_8301442378320214569_nGLASSES. Only if you need them. But then, there are accessories nowadays and they’ll do the trick. In a world where contact lenses are sold like peanuts, those who wear glasses are the real deal. Or so I think. I honestly am terrified of contact lenses after watching the movie “Just My Luck” with Lindsay Lohan. Oh that eyepatch. I can’t possibly unsee that.
  4. Coffee Tumbler. Hahaha…okay, well, this is something I laugh at a lot. Back in college, they used to call me “Starbucks girl” not because I worked at Starbucks, but because I always had a Starbucks cup in one hand. Wherever I went. Still do, apparently. But here’s what I think: people who work a lot, read a lot, or whatever a lot, tend to be coffee addicts. Or at least, my fellow coffee addict friends are workaholics. Or they’re just always those who bring books and papers and always looking so serious.
  5. 12006162_10153254766613789_5728429634331177539_nHats. or Headbands. Or whatever that can cover your hair. Wear a beanie too. Beanies are cute. Because, they just make everything better. Learned that from Blair Waldorf, of course, and fell in love with headbands after a season of Reign. CW has ruined me forever, and I’m forever thankful. I love berets. So go with them. If you can find good ones.
  6. Cover up, prettily. In colorful ways. In a way, dress as you would in a Catholic school. But think, fun. Don’t think “oh no now I gotta cover up my neck,” but “I can put on a scarf and look better.” I spent a semester in Pau, where there were old people left and right, and church at almost every turn. I felt bad, obviously, if I dressed up in such “exposed” manner like an exhibitionist. So I started wearing cardigans, scarves, and long pants. Nowadays when my friends see me dressed that way they either say, “Oh wow you’re so French,” or “Wow, look at you, so nerdy.” Either one works.
  7. IMG_2354Big Bag. Art bag. Satchel. Messenger Bag. One of those. I always bring my sketchbook with me. Even in my smaller bag, I have tiny sketchbook inside. But most of the time I go with big bags. And when people see me, they know right away that I’m someone who sits down at a random spot and sketches like nobody’s business. Imagine someone with a big bag, a coffee mug, wearing a glasses and a hat, sitting down at Starbucks. What word would come to mind?
  8. A book. Or books. Because nothing says “nerd” louder than a book. A thick book would do much better. Like, think Harry Potter books. Or even a dictionary covered in some fancy leather book cover. Nobody will know. Of course, it can also say “anti social who doesn’t want to socialise with you so she brings a book” which in my case, works too. I usually carry a novel with me, which has markings and bookmark already, ready for me to devour it whenever there are a lot of people around. It’s my main go to item for a “go away, people” display.
  9. unspecifiedYour OWN style. You must have your own style. Whatever suits you best. Whatever you like most. And go with it. Do not follow the current trend because it’s what everyone is after. If you’re like everyone else, you’re not nerdy enough. Or, depending on the definition of nerdy. I’m aiming for “strange” nerds. My case is usually, what I wore before, becomes current trend now. I used to like wearing pyjama like outfits to the malls, or just generally to go out. And people would go, “Oh geez, you look like you’re just getting out of bed” or “you look like you’re going to sleep” and they would tell me to dress up better. Nowadays, I’d walk into stores and find “NEWEST TRENDS” and see baggy pants and t-shirts that look a lot like what I used to wear back in the days. And what people used to frown upon going, “Oh my gosh I can’t believe you’re wearing that” has become what they go after. Seriously, people. Nerds are from the future. They know.
  10. 12642555_10153503604433789_5106345649658112468_n (1)Your passion on the sleeve. And get that passion in your style. Thing is, if you’re so passionate about something, everything revolving around you will reflect it. Even your clothes. And it’s automatic. Your clothes, more often than not, reveal bits of your personality. Of your interests. Of your character. Of well, you. I love art. I sketch wherever I go, write whenever I have the time to, dance every time the music is on. And it shows. It simply does. Even though people tend to guess incorrectly (“You must be a Design major”), it’s interesting how obvious my interests are to people sometimes even without me having to say anything.

There you go. Get a pair of glasses, a hat, scarf, bring a coffee mug and a book. Cover up. Be as simple and yet colorful at the same time. Be as plain and crazy at the same time.

Be a beautiful mess.

And you’ll look ultimately nerdy.

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