Art Collection: Zodiac

I got a little bit carried away few weeks back when my friends kept sending me posts on Instagram about zodiac. I mean, it’s fun. Reading about “expected” traits of yourself and others, going “oh no wonder she’s like that” and randomly laughing at the silliest posts that don’t even make sense… is fun.

So I, being the nerdy hobbyist, decided to do this the artsy way. And I hope you’ll enjoy this collection.


Aries. The aggressive force. The leader. The ones who like being in charge. Probably your class president or the prefect at Hogwarts.

*My oh my it looks like a uterus! I actually googled the symbol, and came to conclusion that Aries = Uterus, and that there’s nothing I can do about it.



My sign! The stubborn one who loves pizza. And you know what, it’s so unfair how I could be described that simply: pizza and stubborn. Nah, we’re also some of the most loyal creatures ever.



The twins. I am pretty sure when I was doing this, I was thinking of a childhood friend of mine who is super nice. And emotionally stable. Because Gemini can see two sides of a coin right away. And they’re usually neutral.



The most loving heart. The emotional ones with warm hugs and big smiles. The one you can go to for anything. Well, I thought of my sister when I did this.



The lion. The king. The raw confidence and clear voice. The one who owns the crowd. The one who can rock crazy outfits and live through the day.



The lady. The brains. The smart ones who always overthink. Virgo is wise, and knowledgeable. But always overthinks things. What’s simple ends up complicated with them. But, don’t be fooled. They’re the smartest people around.



The cool air. The dragon. The diplomats. The balance everyone desires. The charming ones who can talk you out of whatever. And into anything they want.



The good and bad. The cunning one. The ones who are selective with their companions and can be either really nice or really mean. Depending on the weather. Oh, and they’re nerdy.



The wanderers! The free spirited. Those who travel a lot. The ones who are fun to hang out with, because they’re chill and open minded.



The sea goat. The solid ground. The stubborn one. The one who will never ever show you how broken she might be inside. Because all tears are locked in the room and you won’t be seeing any sign of struggle. My best friend Daniella. Ahaha.



The determined force. The powerful wind. The dark minds. The ones you don’t ever want to cross.



The dreamers. The ones who always have their heads in the clouds. The ones who might not be listening to you right now because they’re already in another world. The kind souls who will make you happy even though they’re struggling. The sweetest listeners.


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